Drought Management Symposium for Range and Pastures March 6, 2012

Dr. Jamie Foster: Forage Management and Grazing Systems: Learn to manage the forage resource including fertilizer applications and review grazing systems

Dr. Joe Paschal: Design Your Own Early Drought Warning System:  Learn how to link weather conditions with plans for your livestock operation

Mac Young: Economic Impact of Stocking Strategies during Drought:  Discover Best Management Practices to improve your profitability through stocking strategies

Dr. Jamie Foster: Managing for Animal Nutrition:  Understand the link between good forage management and adequate animal nutrition

Dr. Megan Dominguez: Monitoring Your Rangelands after a Drought:  Learn to measure forage and keep records for efficient forage use and decrease the need to buy hay

Dr. Larry Falconer: Economics of Forage Production :  Learn methods to value hay, tools to estimate cost of hay production and economic comparison of alternative pasture systems

Dr. Megan Dominguez: Toxic Weed Identification:  Discover resources for identifying weeds and learn to ID common toxic weeds in South Texas

Dr. Roy Parker: Livestock External parasites and Pasture Insect Pests:  Learn more about parasites active during drought including grasshoppers and desert termites

Brent Clayton: Rainwater Harvesting for Livestock and Wildlife:  Discover how a rainwater harvesting system can benefit pasture health and financial incentives for constructing a system.  Learn to plan for and construct a rainwater harvesting system.

Dr. Larry Falconer: PRF Insurance:  Get the latest information on rainfall index insurance

Dr. Megan Dominguez: Managing Brush and Weeds after a Drought:  Learn how to determine if and when to control brush and weeds following drought conditions

John Metz: Weather Outlook for Spring 2012:  Find out what forecasts are saying for this growing season


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