2018 Corpus Christi Agriculture Symposium

Putting $ Back in Your Pocket

April 17, 2018


Baitfish as a Secondary Crop for Aquaculture Producers – Dr. Andrew Ropicki, Marine Economics Specialist
Live marine baitfish represents a potentially profitable new market for current Texas marine aquaculture (red drum and shrimp) producers. This presentation examines the economic feasibility of Texas red drum farms adding pigfish production to their operations. ( View )

The Forgotten Goat – Dr. Joe Paschal, Extension Livestock Specialist
Since cattle are the main livestock enterprise in Texas, they are the typical focus for most educational programs. Learn about the goat, another excellent meat animal, and considerations for managing a herd! ( View )

Alternative Ranching Operations – Dr. Megan Clayton, Extension Range Specialist
Review some options for adding to an existing conventional ranch or develop value-added programs to increase profitability. ( View )

Tips for Stretching your Dollar in Forage Production – Dr. Josh McGinty, Extension Agronomist Highlighting ways to increase the efficiency of inputs in improved pasture and hay production, including species/variety selection, fertility management, and weed control. ( View )

Internal and External Parasites in Livestock – Dr. Joe Paschal, Extension Livestock Specialist Review parasites that could decrease cattle productivity, how and when to treat them, and preventative measure to take. ( View

Cost Saving Tips for Brush Control – Dr. Megan Clayton, Extension Range Specialist
Management of brush can be an expensive endeavor. This session will review a few ways you can reduce your cost through thoughtful follow-up treatments, equipment ideas, and chemical selection. ( View

Protecting your Investment in Cotton and Grain Production – Dr. Josh McGinty, Extension Agronomist
In light of the development and spread of herbicide-resistant weeds, economical weed management is becoming an increasingly complicated prospect. This will be a discussion of the options for managing the most problematic weeds in cotton and grain with a combination of both older and new weed management technologies. ( View )

Potential Profitability of No-till vs. Conventional Cotton & Grain Sorghum – Mac Young, Risk Management Specialist
An evaluation of potential yields and profitability of conventional vs. no-till cultivation practices in dryland cotton and grain sorghum in South Texas. ( View

Optional Auxin Applicator Training – Dr. Josh McGinty, Extension Agronomist

This training is now required for anyone (pesticide license holders and workers making applications under the supervision of a licensed applicator) who will be applying the dicamba-containing products XtendiMax, Engenia, or FeXapan in 2018. This training will cover the updated label requirements and best management practices for reducing the risk of off-target movement of these herbicides. ( View )

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