Organized Symposium Proposal

Organizer: Multistate Research Project, S1043, “Economic Impacts of International Trade and Domestic Policies on Southern Agriculture”
Contact Person:
Suzanne Thornsbury
USDA Economic Research Service
355 E Street SW
Washington, DC
20024-3221 USA

Title: Cuba: Prospects and Issues for Agricultural Trade
Dr. David Schweikhardt
Michigan State University


Cassandra Copeland, Curtis Jolly and Henry Thompson; E-Mail:
“The History and Potential of Trade Between Cuba and the US”

Flynn Adcock and Dan Hanselka; Email:
“Economic Impacts of U.S. Exports to Cuba on the South”

Jonathan Coleman and William Messina, Jr.; Emails: and wamess@ufl.edU
“The Evolving Role of the United States as a Major Food Supplier to Cuba”

Discussants: Daniel Whitley (USDA Foreign Agricultural Service; and Andrew Schmitz (University of Florida)

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