Our Values

We Believe In…


We are conscious of how our choices and actions impact the world around us.  We strive to develop citizens who make a positive impact in their communities.


We seek new and creative ways to lead our youth in their learning experiences.  We are leaders in the field of out-of-school time learning.


Our instructors design programs to inspire curiosity in our youth.  Youth explore the world around them through experimentation – learning about their world by living it.


We commit to bettering our community through collaborative partnerships.  We balance the trust in our traditions and an eagerness for new ideas.


We trust each other, our youth and our community to uphold the 4-H pledge to make the best better.


Every experience engages our youth and staff in fun growing experiences where we can laugh, play, and learn together.


Our youth contribute to their campuses and share their accomplishments through volunteering. Our staff has fun in service together as a team.

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