Wildcard Curriculum

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Every year 4-H CAPITAL offers a 5th ‘wildcard’ curriculum to our program sites, that showcases one of our other curriculum areas with an in-depth exploration on a particular topic. Wildcard curriculum are decided through a brainstorming session of staff and members; top ideas are then tossed to site coordinators for feedback and response. Through this shared decision, our wildcard topics truly represents what our community is interested in learning!

Past wildcard topics have included:
Chemistry (2015-16)
Hidden World (2014-15)
Mythbusters (2013-14)
Forensic Science (2012-13)

We are excited to announce that our Wildcard Curriculum focus for the 2016-2017 school year is Physics! Stay tuned for more phenomenal physics updates.

Other Curriculum

In addition to our main curriculum areas, 4-H CAPITAL also offers limited sports fishing and Egg2Chick classes each year. If you are interested in having one of these programs at your site, please contact Charlotte Wehrman for more information.

“I am currently teaching an egg- chicken class. In this class students explore the science around chickens. From biology to engineering students participate in hands on lessons designed to give them a wealth of knowledge regarding chickens, and what it means to raise them.” Maddisson A., AmeriCorps member

“Teaching sports fishing was the best thing to happen to me at 4H CAPTIAL. It is a curriculum that is both enjoyable for the instructors and students. It’s fun, challenging and exciting. I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful to be teaching this unit.” Merielle S., AmeriCorps member

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