Animal Science

“This curriculum is fantastic for those interested in hands-on, project based learning. Students learn more than just animal science but also develop a strong sense of confidence as they take responsibility for another living thing and watch the goats grow under their care.” Brigitte M, AmeriCorps member

Animal Science Color

4-H CAPITAL’s Urban Animal Science Program connects our youth to animals through exciting, hands-on experiences that inspire students to explore, experiment, and problem solve in two different programming areas:

Urban Animal Science Goat Program

While caring for and training a small herd of 5-7 Boer goats housed on their campus, students are encouraged to explore several different areas of science, including basic veterinary science, animal nutrition, and animal behavior.  Each pair of students is responsible for training one goat to walk calmly next to them and display their genetic features in preparation to attend two traditional livestock shows.  Students show their goats against all of the 4-H CAPITAL students at the CAPITAL Classic Goat Show in December, and then compete against all of the 4-H and FFA students at the Travis County Youth Show in January.

“Animal science is a very unique curriculum in that it allows students to be involved in a huge spectrum of learning, from psychology and behavior to teaching students about citizenship and responsibility.” Brennon S, 2nd year AmeriCorps member

Animal Behavior Program

While caring for and learning about our small mammals, students are encouraged to explore the different types of animal behavior and how they have developed, the effects of genetics and evolution on animal behavior, the interactions of humans and animals, as well as ethical research and documentation methods.  Each class is responsible for the care, interaction with, and socialization of one of our animal ambassadors, which include a chinchilla, a hedgehog, and 2 guinea pigs.

“Animal Behavior is a really neat curriculum area because you’re able to help kids learn that there is a science behind the things they see animals do and that blows their minds!” Leah G, AmeriCorps member

Our programs guide students to value the ethical treatment of animals, environmental stewardship, teamwork, and responsibility to help our students get a head start on becoming productive citizens of character.



Morning Assignment Team

Our Animal Science morning assignment team is comprised of the Full Time AmeriCorps members who teach with our goat program in the fall. Led by the Animal Science Specialist, this team is responsible for caring for our goat herd of 50+ goats at 8 school campuses across Austin. Listen to a former member share their experience on this team.


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