Our Curriculum

At 4-H CAPITAL, we make science fun! We increase science capital for our youth by providing engaging hands-on activities, exciting field trips, and guest science professionals and other speakers. Through four STEM-based curriculum areas – Animal Science, Engineering & Tinkering, Garden Science, and Natural Resources –we inspire youth to explore, experiment, and problem-solve with confidence. By providing positive learning environments and teambuilding opportunities, we empower youth to become effective community members with an eye on science in their future.

Animal Science is where it’s at! Youth learn about animal behavior, basic veterinary science, and animal nutrition as they care for goats, rabbits, or small animals such as chicks, guinea pigs, and more in an urban setting. As youth take responsibility for living things, they develop a strong sense of confidence and stewardship. Students in our goat and rabbit classes also show their animals in competition against 4-H and FFA students at livestock shows, including the Travis County Youth Show in January.

There’s no limit to what our Engineering & Tinkering classes can do! Classes include kid-friendly engineering, robotics, rocketry, making and tinkering, coding, and more. Through fun problem-solving challenges, we encourage youth to take a look at the world and find ways to make it better. Youth learn the value of persistence as they plan, create, and improve their designs. They are introduced to new technology and to effective engineering design practices.

We cultivate roots, leaves, and STEM skills in Garden Science! Our classes connect kids to nature as they grow edible gardens, natives, and other plants while investigating the outdoor world around them. We have two main types of Garden Classes. In Garden Lab, youth learn about wildlife, environmental stewardship, and ecosystem processes in nature as they grow their gardens, while Taste Buds classes offer a full garden-to-table curriculum focused on culinary skills, nutrition, and kitchen science.

Our Natural Resources classes rock! Youth in these classes gain awareness and appreciation of wildlife, habitat, and ecological systems while seeking solutions to environmental issues. Classes may cover water quality, renewable energy, wildlife management, Citizen Science, and other environmental concepts. Other classes connect youth to nature as they learn outdoor skills, such as fishing, GPS navigation, field investigations, and basic nature photography.



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