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Our Mission
4-H CAPITAL inspires youth to develop into inquiring scientists, citizens of character, partners in service, and engaged community members through participation in project-based learning experiences and collaborative community involvement.

Our History
4-H CAPITAL began in 1992 as a 5-year USDA grant. Adopted by Travis County in 1997, the program received its first AmeriCorps grant in 2003; since then, AmeriCorps funding has been continuously renewed annually. With the support of AmeriCorps volunteers, 4-H CAPITAL has grown from one school to approximately 30, totaling more than 25,000 contact hours annually with Travis County youth. Click here to see our current program locations.

What We Do
4-H CAPITAL provides engaging afterschool and summer-camp enrichment programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), primarily serving youth in Title I school districts in the Austin area. Our hands-on, inquiry-based activities are designed to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving, while helping youth develop social and leadership skills. Such learning experiences in a fun, safe environment empower our 4-H Club members to achieve greater success academically and as adults, while reducing risk-taking behaviors that inhibit success. By establishing positive relationships with the youth we serve, 4-H CAPITAL helps youth appreciate learning, build character, and develop life skills that will enable them to become self-directing and productive community members.

Click here to view all classes offered and their descriptions.

In addition to our 4-H Clubs, our staff and AmeriCorps members volunteer with numerous outreach partners to support poverty relief, education, environmental sustainability, healthy living, or disaster services.

Who We Are
Our professional staff provides high-quality training and support for our AmeriCorps instructors in classroom management, youth development, and specific curriculum areas. Since 2003, our AmeriCorps members have been “getting things done” in 4-H CAPITAL. During the 2015-2016 school year, 31 AmeriCorps members taught in our programs at 29 school sites.

What We Measure
4-H CAPITAL measures changes in academic engagement of youth in our afterschool and summer-camp programs. We seek to improve the following for each youth:

  • Interest in learning
  • Relationship with peers
  • Connection between school and future
  • Persistence in solving problems
  • Active participation
  • Appreciation of science
  • Confidence in learning science
  • Interest in pursuing science careers

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