What Our Participants Are Saying….

“I’ve learned that nutritional portions on our plates are very important. I will be more conscious of what I put on the table and when eating out with my family.” H. Garza
“When I heard that a nutrition program was to be conducted at our housing complex, I thought ‘maybe I can learn a thing or two’. I’m the home health provider for my daughter so the information I got was very helpful and practical for my daughter, and me too. I’m so glad I decided to stick around; I even completed a Get the Facts series. Thanks to the presentations I’m a better food label reader and now I’m learning how to buy and prepare healthier meals.”–M.Hunter
“I like the way she explained all the nutrition food groups, and I think it’s a really good program” –A. Hernandez
“Before I went home yesterday I bought the ingredients to make the recipe you showed us (yesterday). My Mom saw all of the ingredients and asked, ‘What are you making?’ I said, ‘Just watch it’s going to be something tasty!’”
–Brazos County participant
“I like the fact she explains everything and does not mind when somebody asks questions. I want to thank her very much.” — R. Ramirez
“I’m not proud of our eating habits. But since I started coming to the BLT sessions me and my family have started making some changes by making sure we eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. We would never eat fruits and vegetables as a snack, it would always be cookies, ice cream, and chips with soda. Now those snacks have been replaced with healthy snacks. If I didn’t come to BLT sessions, I would not have changed our eating habits.”–R. Pineda
“Thank you for the class on nutrition. It helps to hear, read, and see fruits and vegetables and portion sizes. It’s nice to be able taste the recipes….” — A.S.
“I’ve learned how to use my food stamps wisely, they have been lasting longer. I do inventory before shopping and use coupons. Most important, I eat before I go grocery shopping so I don’t buy things because I’m hungry anymore.” — Hidalgo County Participant
“Something that I now do differently is that I now look at the nutritional information.  I look at the amount of trans fats and before I didn’t use to do this.  In the past, I would just get the product that I wanted and would buy it.” –Juana, Travis County.
“I feel very comfortable during the class and also confident about asking questions. She always has the right answer and makes us feel excited about coming to the next class to hear more great information.” — C.M.
“This nutritional class has allowed to learn the simple steps of living a better and healthier life for me and my family.” —C. Ramos

“After attending the ‘Stretching Your Food Dollars’ lesson, we saved enough money on our grocery bill that we were able to use the money on our grandchildren over the Easter holiday.” –Denton County couple

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