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January VC Update

Dr. Marco Palma and Dr. Luis Ribera elaborate on how the Human Behavior Lab is working towards improving people’s lives through studying the motivations behind the food choices individuals make and developing ways to influence people to make the best nutritional decisions for themselves. This study is especially important due to the rise in chronic food-related disease.

Dr. Jim Cathey and Dr. Roel Lopez explain how the Natural Resources Institute provides value to critical Texas interests of sustainability, energy, agriculture, and military readiness. Because NRI is a collaboration of the Extension Service and Texas A&M AgriLife, they run a very efficient program serving as an example of conservation in action.

Dr. Brent Pemberton and Dr. Larry Stein detail the history of the Texas Superstar program, starting with the first nursery-quality Texas Bluebonnet and how their partnerships with Texas A&M Research and the Extension service. Such collaboration helps with the testing and the promotion of new Texas Superstar plants. Impressively, this program has not only resulted in beautiful plants but disease-resistant plants making gardening easier for homeowners

Texas A&M AgriLife experts, Dr. Ismael Badillo-Vargas, Dr. Gabe Hamer, and Dr. Sonja Swiger present how the various entomology programs throughout Texas A&M AgriLife partner to address vector-borne illnesses that affect people and animals. The entomology programs are always on the lookout for new vector-borne diseases and how to prevent them in humans and animals.

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