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Ask AgriLife: Water Conservation and Research

As part of the 2012 AgriLife Conference, we asked faculty and staff to send in their questions that they’d like to Ask AgriLife. This month, Dr. Craig Nessler, Director of Texas AgriLife Research, responds to a question about water conservation and research.

“What emphasis does AgriLife plan to put on water conservation and research?”

Although the current drought has brought water to the attention of everyone, it has always been a priority area for Texas AgriLife Research. In addition to the ongoing work on agricultural and urban water conservation done in partnership with Texas AgriLife Extension, our agency is also expanding efforts in water research through development of drought tolerant crops, improved irrigation systems and novel water purification systems. For example, a breakthrough technology for removing metals from power plant smokestack scrub water has been proven at the pilot scale and is being scaled up for further testing. This technology has applications in refining, mining and potentially desalinization to help make maximum use of an important natural resource for our state.

-Dr. Craig Nessler
Director of Texas AgriLife Research

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