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A Little Land Grant Lesson

Morrill Act Sesquicentennial Anniversary Kick-off Video

Morrill Act sesquicentennial anniversary kick-off video featuring Texas A&M University President R. Bowen Loftin

The Morrill Act is considered one of the most important pieces of legislation ever enacted….but why is that? Prior to the Morrill Act, private or Ivy League institutions were far out of reach for most Americans.

Congressman Justin Morrill envisioned universities that were accessible to all, including the working class. And unlike existing higher education institutions at the time, these universities would reach out to improve communities and make their research widely available.

The Morrill Act was signed on July 2, 1862, by President Abraham Lincoln. The Act granted each state 30,000 acres of land for each member it had in Congress, with the land and gross proceeds used to fund educational institutions focused on agriculture, engineering and other practical subjects.

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