BESC Board Nomination Form

Nominate a BESC Board Member

Submit nominations to the BESC Board for consideration as new members. Both self nominations and referred nominations are welcome.

  • Nominee information

    According to the BESC Professional Board Bylaws "Any person interested in the Mission and Goals of the BESC Professional Board shall be eligible for membership, provided that such person shall be proposed by one member (including ex-­‐officio member) and endorsed by no less than two other members as well as by the Head of the Department." Potential nominees may be entered via this form. The nomination need not be put forth by a Board member, however upon review of the submitted nominations the support for the nominee must follow the above guidelines.
  • Provide a title, the organization and a brief description as necessary.
  • Provide a brief description of the nature of the is nomination (e.g. self nominated, nominated by non-Board member (provide name and contact information), nominated by a Board member (provide name).

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