Vet Tech Project

We’re about to get a new project off the ground here at Bandera County 4-H. We have had a volunteer, Laura Berlin Bowers, who comes from the Triple H Equitherapy Center is interested in starting a Vet Tech project for 4-h’ers who are 12yrs-16yrs old. This project is a 3-5 year coarse. Members who do this are eligible to get certified and can (as long as they are 18yrs old) test to be a registered Vet Tech. We are just in the beginning stages of this and are taking names of anyone interested.

Remember, member has to be at least 12-16 yrs of age by Aug.31st of the year the project is in operation. Please pass this along to your club. Once we get enough names we will be putting together a informational meeting.

Please contact Debbie Rasberry at the Extension office if you are interested.



Debbie Rasberry


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