Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

 Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service FY2012 – FY2016 Awards*

Unit Report

The Unit Report gives total award amount for each unit
with links to the PI(Principal Investigators) and Sponsors.

Bar Chart of Sponsor Categories

The Bar Chart displays the total sum of awards for each sponsor
category with links to the sponsor list for each category.

Sponsor Reports

Sponsor Report Sorted by Award Amount

Sponsor Report Sorted by Sponsor Name

Principal Investigator Reports

Principal Investigator Report Sorted by Award Amount

Principal Investigator Report Sorted by PI Name

Indirect Cost Rate Information

2016 Awards IDC Rate by Sponsor Category

*Data is presented for general purposes only, not for accounting purposes.
Administrative Projects May be Included with Awards. Data is from Maestro as of Nov,2016.
FY15 and FY16 numbers reflect the Total Award Amount.

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