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AboutWelcome to the Agriculture and Life Sciences Complex. Resources to help you navigate the buildings are below.


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  • Hanging Artwork—In individual offices, occupants may hang artwork under 20 lbs. We encourage you to use the following suggested hanging hardware:
    • 3M Command Series:
    • OOK Professional Picture Hanging Pins: Found at Home Depot and
    • Standard Picture Hangers: Widely available
    • Use of toggle bolts or drywall screws is not allowed by individual users. Please contact your floor proctor for assistance hanging items over 20 lbs.
  • Shared Space Artwork—All artwork hung in shared spaces (conference rooms, waiting areas, foyers, hallways, etc.) must be approved by the floor proctor.



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Contact your floor Building Proctor on all building issues; do not contact Facility Services directly.

Agriculture and Life Sciences Building


AgriLife Services Building

  • First Floor
    Better Living for Texans; and Family Development and Resource Management—Denise Garcia, 979-845-3885 (
  • Second Floor
    Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture—Kristen Gibbs, 979-845-4164 (
  • Third Floor
    Texas A&M AgriLife Communications and Information Technology—Alan Kurk, 979-845-9343 (
  • Fourth and Fifth Floors
    Texas A&M AgriLife Administrative Services—Johnny Herrera, 979-862-5192 (



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Most conference rooms and meeting spaces may be booked using the Outlook Resources system by individual users during normal business hours. Other areas may be reserved by contacting the appropriate person.

Agriculture and Life Sciences Building:

AgriLife Services Building:

AgriLife Center:



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Following is information provided for the use and operation of the computer equipment installed within each shared conference room. All requests for information not contained in the following documents should be directed to the FirstCall Help desk at


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  • Dining
    • Vending machines are available on the first floor east wing of the AGLS building.
    • The AgriLife Services building will feature a dining area on the first floor, opening in early 2012. Texas A&M University Dining Services will operate a kiosk with coffee and light breakfast and lunch. Vending will also be available.
  • Open Access Computer Lab—The first floor east wing features a 72–computer open access lab available for all valid Texas A&M University faculty, staff, and student use.
  • Recycling—Central recycling areas for paper, aluminum, and plastic are provided on every floor in each breakroom.- Custodial Services will take recyclables from break rooms, and deposit them at the recycling area adjacent to the dumpsters.- Users must supply their own recycling receptacles and bags/liners. Leave liners either in the bottom of the can or a nearby cabinet, and Custodial Services will re-line the container after removing the recyclables.- Except cardboard, recyclables not in a lined receptacle will not be collected.- All cardboard must be broken down completely. Custodial Services has been instructed not to take any cardboard boxes that have not been broken down/flattened.- Recycling Services no longer provides bins or conducts pickups inside campus buildings; they will pick up recycling from the area adjacent to the dumpsters only.
  • Showers—Unisex showers are available on floors two, three, and four to the left of the women’s restrooms near the elevators. Facilities are open to all building occupants.
    • All personal belongings (towels, toiletries, etc.) cannot be stored in the shower.
    • Availability is on a first–come, first–serve basis.
    • Use of shower shoes (flip–flops, etc.) is encouraged for health and safety.
    • Report cleaning needs to the floor proctor.


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Agriculture and Life Sciences Building

AgriLife Services Building