Pest Control Category Training

This 8-hour course is designed to satisfy the Apprentice Training Requirements as specified in Section 7.132 (i) (2).  In addition, the course can be used to prepare for the Structural Pest Control Pest category examination. This course will cover common structural invertebrate and vertebrate pests of the United States, particularly the state of Texas. Invertebrate pests are classified as insects and other arthropods, while vertebrate pests cover rodents, reptiles, opossums, etc.

This $150 course includes the required category training manual (AES-5074), a $35 value.

Participants in face-to-face training activities will be required to review and abide by the conditions of the “COVID-19 Participant Information Form” at the time of registration.  COVID-19 Participant Information Form

At this time there are no upcoming in-person training dates.

Please contact our office at (979) 845-3849 with any questions.

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