Know your insects!

Welcome to the 4-H Entomology project! You’ll learn a lot as you study the fascinating world of insects. This site explains how to identify, collect, and preserve insects and other arthropods.

Start Studying

green stinkbug The content herein is divided into Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. The levels are cumulative and are designed to prepare you for District and State level 4-H Entomology Contest.

Study and learn the terms in the Glossary. Expand your study by checking out all the material in the tabs above and in the “Things you’ll need to know” box to the right.

Use the “Sample Contest Form” to familiarize yourself with the test format. The 4-H entomology contest has two parts, a written examination and insect identification. Each part is worth 50 percent of the total score.

The written examination consists of true/ false, multiple-choice, matching and completion questions prepared mainly from the study material on this site. In the second part of the contest you will be asked to identify actual insect specimens, many of which will be selected from the study list in this site.

Collect and study as many insects as possible to prepare for the contest.

4-H Guides

clouded sulfurSee the latest 4-H guides to find out about eligibility requirements and team structure for 4-H contests. District contests consist of three age divisions: junior, intermediate and senior.

District & State

crab spiderDistrict and state contests are similar, but the state contest is usually more
challenging. Each contest will have tie-breaker questions. If there is still a tie, identification to order is used, then identification to common name, and then spelling.