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2012 Director’s Excellence Awards

Stephanie AppletonStephanie Appleton
An exceptional student worker, Stephanie Appleton is an integral part of the TVMDL clinical pathology section in College Station. Her love of avian studies has made her the “go to” person in the section for all avian issues. A highly valued member of her team, Stephanie is trained and proficient in all work areas in clinical pathology and is cross-trained in the testing methods for histopathology. She handles most of the weekend testing on her own and is trusted to complete most any task in this high-volume section. In addition, Stephanie has managed to carry a 4.0 GPA in her core subjects at Texas A&M while personally financing 100 percent of her college education. Stephanie’s commitment to excellence is evident in her work, both as an undergraduate student at Texas A&M and as a student worker at TVMDL.

Terry DobrovolskyTerry Dobrovolsky
Terry Dobrovolsky serves as the quality assurance and safety manager for TVMDL. She is a highly skilled auditor and quality assurance professional who has been largely responsible for the design and implementation of TVMDL’s Quality Assurance System. A coveted distinction among veterinary diagnostic laboratories is accreditation by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians. This designation fully depends on a laboratory’s quality assurance system. Terry has successfully guided TVMDL through two AAVLD audits, most recently in 2011, with the laboratory receiving full accreditation status for five years in both audits. Terry’s expertise and commonsense approach to quality assurance system implementation has helped TVMDL become one of the nation’s leading diagnostic laboratories and one that can be relied on for timely and accurate results.

Randle MooreRandle Moore
Dr. Randle Moore truly defines excellence in his field, where his impact on the poultry industry is without reproach. In his capacity as the resident director of the TVMDL Poultry Diagnostic Laboratory in Center, Texas, he interacts with some of the largest poultry companies in the world as well as with small local producers. His skills as a diagnostician, pathologist, and leader have allowed him to succeed in this complex role. Poultry industry stakeholders, agencies, and producers throughout Texas regard Dr. Moore as a foremost technical resource related to poultry diagnostics. He is highly respected and trusted by the poultry veterinary community at the local, state, and national levels. Dr. Moore has proven a tireless worker who is dedicated to the poultry industry and the mission of TVMDL.
Stephanie WeaverStephanie Weaver
Stephanie Weaver serves as the diagnostic lab supervisor for TVMDL’s histopathology section in College Station. She coordinates the testing efforts of a full-time technical staff member, several student workers, and seven pathologists. Stephanie’s initiative, leadership capabilities, expertise in histology, and dedication to selfless service contribute to her professional success. She is a certified histotechnologist and takes great pride in attending continuing education and networking opportunities to ensure her laboratory remains cutting-edge. She believes in the continual improvement process and achieves excellence not only in the test results her laboratory produces, but also in the professional relationships she builds. Her success as a manager of the histopathology section was illustrated when it was awarded a contract to test over 16,000 diagnostic samples for chronic wasting disease, making TVMDL one of the nation’s leaders in chronic wasting disease testing.

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