Project Clubs

Project Specific Clubs

A 4-H project club has the same characteristics as a community club, but organization is based on a single project and may last only the duration of that project. Members can join more than one club.

2016-2017 4-H Project Clubs

Archery 4-H Club

Thursdays, September-December, Straight Arrow Archery Range
Club Manager: Nikki Genzer, 361-571-6694

Horse 4-H Club

2nd Monday, 4-H Activity Center
Club Manager: Shelly Millberger, 361-788-3887

Rifle 4-H Club

Tuesdays & Thursdays, November and Jan-May, 4-H Activity Center
Club Manager: Audra Portis, 361-782-1815

Shotgun 4-H Club

2nd Sunday, 3:00 pm, Victoria Skeet & Trap Club
Club Manager: Shelby Kuchler, 361-935-6912

Contact the Club Manager for details about the project and any additional fees associated with participation.

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