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Our location is 200 Taylor Street Suite 500, Fort Worth, Texas 76196. Parking at the meters is available on Burnett, Weatherford, and Taylor Streets.  The entrance to our building faces Burnett St.  If you prefer to park in the lot adjacen to our building, please enter the parking lot on 2nd street and enter at the west side entrance that faces Burnett Street.  The Taylor Street entrance is closed and the only open entrance is on the west side of the Plaza building.

Mailing Address
Texas A & M AgriLife Extension
Tarrant County 4-H
P. O. Box 1540
Fort Worth, Texas 76101
Fax Number 817-884-1941

 Support for Tarrant County 4-H

Looking for a way to support Tarrant County 4-H without taking money out of your pocket? Do you search the internet? Do you make online purchases? If so this opportunity may be just what you are looking for.. . Join, and every time you search the internet, a donation is made to the Tarrant County 4-H Youth Council and Adult Leaders Association.

It’s easy, doesn’t cost a thing, and turns every day actions into an easy way to raise funds for many of the events and activities that are sponsored by the Tarrant County 4-H Youth Council and the Tarrant County 4-H Adult Leaders, including the annual County Awards Banquet.

All you need to do is log on to and choose “Tarrant 4-H Council” as your      charity.  You can even make a profile so that you don’t have to select Tarrant 4-H Council each time and you can watch the funds grow!

A penny is donated every time you search with  It is easy, painless on your pocketbook, and benefits our Tarrant County 4-H youth.

There are even other ways to make money through for 4-H while shopping or dining.  Just go to their website to find out more.  Don’t waste any time.

Start helping our Tarrant 4-H youth while you search the Internet today!

Chartering for 4-H Clubs for the new 2014-2015 Year

The state 4-H office is moving the charter deadline to July 15 this year, in order to process club charters before the beginning of the 4-H year.

For those clubs which are currently chartered, the process is very similar to last year.    Below is a list of items that will be needed (and forms are attached for your convenience).

  • 2014-2015 Charter Application
  • Club officers list
  • Annual Review of Support Group Funds (New:  must have at least one reviewer who is not affiliated with the club)
  • Club Budget  (Clubs with no funds may substitute with an explanatory letter.  A form letter is attached.)
  • Bank Statement copy for each account   (Clubs with no funds may substitute with an explanatory letter.  A form letter is attached.)
  • Bylaws – Note:  New:    The officers listed in the bylaws must match the club officers list.  If you have a vacant position, please notify me for optional bylaw wording to provide some flexibility.

All forms may be returned by email to    .

I need to receive it before 7/13, so that I will have time to process it and post it to the state site by the 7/15 deadline.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Charter Application 2014-2015

Annual Review of Support Group Fund-c

Club Officers List

Club Budget

No Bank Account – Letter

No Budget – Letter

CDM & Foods & Nutrition Project Training

The official beginning of the new 4-H year has arrived.   All youth and adults who are interested in the Consumer Decision Making project and the Foods & Nutrition projects are encouraged to attend the training on

Saturday, September 6

9:30 am – 1:00 pm

1005 Finch Circle
Saginaw,   76131

You will enjoy demonstrations and activities as you learn about the various life skills and opportunities for 4-H youth.

The event is offered free of charge for those who RSVP by September 3.  (Please include: names & ages of youth attendees  and  names only of adult attendees, along with a contact number.)

 RSVP:        and

Swine Validation

It is time to order those swine ear tags for the upcoming stock shows.  Tag orders are due to the 4-H office on September 19, 2014. If you have any questions regarding Swine validation please contact the Ag department at 817-884-1946.  The price per tag is $10.  All late orders will be assessed a fee and must have pre approval from the Ag department. No faxed or phone orders accepted.  Please fill out form completely and attach payment.

State Swine Order Form

Quality Counts Verification

If the Quality Counts Verification you completed as a junior member has expired, you are required to take the Senior level verification.  This must be done prior to entry into any major fall, winter or spring livestock show.  Upon completing the verification process please email ag department to make them aware of your status.  You cannot enter you into any shows from this point forward without a senior level designation.

The Link for verifying is at

Please see the  document below that has the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Quality Counts.

Quality Counts Verification Frequently asked Questions

   4-H Youth Sponsorship Fee

To maintain the level of programming and opportunities in the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program, Texas AgriLife Extension Services has implemented and annual participant fee for each 4-H youth member.  The participant fee is $25, or $20 if enrolled from September 1st to October 1st. (Clover Kids are exempt from this fee.)

Tarrant County 4-H and local donors have a strong desire to provide opportunities for interested youth and have secured a limited number of sponsorships for youth who may have difficulty with the fee at this time.  Families with children who need sponsorships in order to participate in the program are encouraged to submit the request as soon as possible.

4-H Participation Fee Sponsorship Request

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