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Our location is 200 Taylor Street Suite 500, Fort Worth, Texas 76196. Parking at the meters is available on Burnett, Weatherford, and Taylor Streets.  The entrance to our building faces Burnett St.  If you prefer to park in the lot adjacen to our building, please enter the parking lot on 2nd street and enter at the west side entrance that faces Burnett Street.  The Taylor Street entrance is closed and the only open entrance is on the west side of the Plaza building.

Mailing Address
Texas A & M AgriLife Extension
Tarrant County 4-H
P. O. Box 1540
Fort Worth, Texas 76101
Fax Number 817-884-1941

 Support for Tarrant County 4-H

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It’s easy, doesn’t cost a thing, and turns every day actions into an easy way to raise funds for many of the events and activities that are sponsored by the Tarrant County 4-H Youth Council and the Tarrant County 4-H Adult Leaders, including the annual County Awards Banquet.

All you need to do is log on to and choose “Tarrant 4-H Council” as your      charity.  You can even make a profile so that you don’t have to select Tarrant 4-H Council each time and you can watch the funds grow!

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Graduating Senior Event

Congratulations Graduates!!!

High school graduation is an exciting moment in the lives of graduates and their families.  It marks a culmination of 12 years of hard work, diligence, and dedication.  Tarrant County 4-H enjoys having the opportunity to congratulate you and to host a reception in your honor.

Graduating Seniors have received an email requesting photos and a brief information form.   Please return it to us by 4/30/16.   (If you have not received your email, please contact us.)

On Monday, May 23,  Tarrant County 4-H will honor our members who will be graduating in 2016.  The reception will begin at 6:30 p.m., with guests invited to come and visit, as their schedules permit.     Please plan to come and congratulate these wonderful young ladies and gentlemen.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions or suggestions on how we might make this a special event for all of the graduates.

Recordbook Contest

Recordbooks are a record of what a member has learned and accomplished in a 4‐H year. It includes records on project learning experiences, activities, and accomplishments. It also displays information on leadership and community service. Included in the book is a 4‐H story, coupled with photos showing the youth in action.

The submission of a recordbook is an accomplishment that also qualifies members to apply for advanced awards. The County Record books will be due in the Extension office by June 20.

You are also welcome to call the 4‐H office with any questions you may have.

About Recordbooks

Why is it important you keep a record of your 4-H activities? Because, by recording your activities you can remember all the fun you’ve had so far, and set future goals! Keeping records of 4-H projects could help you when you apply for college scholarships too! 4-H Recordbooks are books you make to record your annual projects. The “At a Glance Guide” will help you organize your Recordbook.

Finished Recordbooks can be submitted to Texas 4-H, who judge the submitted Recordbooks. Find out more in the“Family Guide To Recordbooks”  and Recordbook Categories.

Specific Categories

Depending on your age group you will fall into the Junior, Intermediate, or Senior category for the Recordbooks. As you progress to the next age group, you will keep your previous year’s report forms and keep adding new ones each year.

For grades 3-5.
This group focuses on 1 main project for the current 4-H year.

For 6-8 grade.
This age group focuses on 1 main project for the current 4-H year.

For grades 9-12.
This age group can do a max of 4 projects for the current 4-H year.

Resources for Students and Parents

  County Awards

The County 4-H Awards program is designed to recognize 4-H members for their progress work, leadership, and personal growth and development.  It is not necessary to have won top honors with a project to receive a county award! Often, a member who has never won first place but has consistently done a good job and placed well, will have completed the most outstanding project.  Remember, aspects of learning, teaching others, leadership, and personal growth is important too.

A completed record book or 4-H memory book and an application are required to apply for these awards.

  • Gold Star (Sr.’s only) age 15-18
  • Danforth (Sr.’s only) (age 15-18)
  • 4-H Letterman (Sr.’s only)
  • 4-H Honor Roll
  • 4-H Rookie
  • Outstanding New Member
  • Junior Achiever
  • Intermediate Achiever
  • Senior Achiever (ages 14-18)
  • Community Service Award

Applications are due to the   4-H office on June 21, 2016.  Interviews for awards will be on June 27, 2016. Awards will be presented at the Tarrant County 4-H Awards Reception.

County Awards Overview 2016 (Word

County Awards Overview 2016

County Awards Application- 2016 (Word)

County Awards Application- 2016

Honor Roll Application 2016 (Word)

Honor Roll Application 2016

Rookie of the Year Award (Word)

Rookie of the Year Award

4-H Letterman Award (Word)

4-H Letterman Award

Community Service Log (Word)

Tarrant Adult Leader Scholarship

Attention: Tarrant County 4-H High School Junior & Seniors

The Adult Leaders Association (ALA) offers two scholarships: Mark Green Memorial Scholarship and Millie Hurst Memorial Scholarship.  Each award is  in the amount of $500.  Please review the guidelines posted below.

Mark Green Memorial Scholarship,  established in 2008, recognizes those youth of Tarrant County 4-H who have established themselves as avid 4-H members.  Mark was an ardent 4-H participant from the time he was a youth.  He resonated the values he instilled in the youth of 4-H.

Millie Hurst Memorial Scholarship, established in 1993, recognizes those youth “who do the most work in the 4-H program.” Millie was a highly involved adult leader who encouraged youth to actively pursue their goals.

Application deadline is June 21st at 5:00 p.m. All applications must be received in the 4-H office by that time.

All applicants must attend an in-person interview.  Interviews will be held on June 27th—interview time will be emailed to applicants on June 22nd.

All questions regarding these scholarships should be addressed to the ‘ALA Scholarship Committee’ via

 ALA Scholarship Guidelines 2016_Page_1

ALA Scholarship Guidelines 2016_Page_2

Adult Leader Association Scholarship Application-2016

ALA Scholarship Guidelines 2016

Horse Validation


For those entering a new horse into 4-H Connect, before you begin your validation process you must:

  • Have a family & youth member profile established on 4-H Connect
  • Be a paid and ACTIVE youth member of Texas 4-H for the 2015-2016 year.
  • For any horse which was NOT validated in 4-H Connect last year, have digital photos of your horse (s) from the front, left side, and right side. These photos must be accessible for upload during the validation process.
  • For any registered horse that was NOT validated last year you will need to have a pdf copy of your horse (s) registration papers for upload.

Reactivation of previous horses

  • To reactivate horses from previous years when you are in the animal screen you will select the horses you wish to reactivate for this year by clicking on the box beside the horse name. Once the correct ones are selected, click the “ACTIVATE ANIMAL (S) button. Please read the instructions below for complete information on activating.


Horse validation is completed for EACH HORSE and will cover all 4-H youth members in that family profile.  However, when validating your horses on 4-H Connect, you will select ONLY ONE  4-H youth member to conduct the validation under.  Once a horse is validated, validation paid, and you begin registering for district horse show, the validated horse(s) can be moved to the appropriate 4-H member (s) that will be exhibiting the horse in the show.

HORSE VALIDATION PERIOD IS: March 1, 2016 to April 15, 2016 price is $10.00 per horse-April 16, 206 to May 1, 2016 price is $20.00 per horse.  Validation and payment is required of ALL horses regardless if they were entered this year or last.

Please contact Fred M. Hall for questions regarding the validation process at or go to the Livestock 4-H page for complete instructions.


East Region 4-H Horse Show

East Region 4-H Horse Show


2016-East-Region-Horse-Show-Schedule (4)

Email questions to the new agriculture agent Fred M. Hall at

Livestock Project Registration

It is time to send in your livestock project sheets to the 4-H office. Livestock Project Sheets must be renewed each year just as your member enrollment form.  For new members the form is due when you enroll in 4-H and get a project.

The Livestock Project Sheet is due for renewing members on October 1, 2014.

Livestock Project Registration Form

If you have any questions or concerns about signing up for any stock show please call or email Marian Ross immediately at 817-884-1294 or .

 Quality Counts Verification

If the Quality Counts Verification you completed as a junior member has expired, you are required to take the Senior level verification.  This must be done prior to entry into any major fall, winter or spring livestock show.  Upon completing the verification process please email ag department to make them aware of your status.  You cannot enter you into any shows from this point forward without a senior level designation.

The Link for verifying is at

Please see the  document below that has the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Quality Counts.

Quality Counts Verification Frequently asked Questions

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