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Our location is 200 Taylor Street Suite 500, Fort Worth, Texas 76196. Parking at the meters is available on Burnett, Weatherford, and Taylor Streets.  The entrance to our building faces Burnett St.  If you prefer to park in the lot adjacen to our building, please enter the parking lot on 2nd street and enter at the west side entrance that faces Burnett Street.  The Taylor Street entrance is closed and the only open entrance is on the west side of the Plaza building.

Mailing Address
Texas A & M AgriLife Extension
Tarrant County 4-H
P. O. Box 1540
Fort Worth, Texas 76101
Fax Number 817-884-1941

 Awards Reception

The County Awards Reception will be Friday, August 12, 2016.  This is a fun family event which recognizes the youth throughout the county for their record book achievements and service during the year.  The event will take place at the Resource Connection at 2300 Circle Dr., Fort Worth. Light refreshements will be served.

The Adult Leaders’ Association (ALA) is accepting monetary donations for the purpose of offsetting the costs of refreshments and decorations. If this is something with which you or your club can assist, checks may be made payable to the Adult Leaders’ Association and mailed to the County Extension office at 200 Taylor Street; Suite 500;  Fort Worth, TX   76196

Club Officer Training

The annual Club Officer Training event will be conducted at the Extension office on Monday, August 15 (1:00 – 3:00 pm).    The theme is “game show fun” and will provide information on officer roles, leadership, and teamwork, as well as new ways to make meetings fun.   See the attached flyer for additional details.

All 4-H members are invited to participate in this event.  Even if you are not an officer, you will have fun making new friends while developing leadership and teamwork skills.

So, save the date on your calendar and RSVP to and  .

Fall Livestock Show Entry Day

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 between 9 am – 5 pm.

It is important that you come on the specified day because each show has strict deadlines, and we must assemble paperwork and finances.   If you cannot attend, call IN ADVANCE to 817-884-1946 to see if we can find a solution.    After the date, you will NOT be entered.   

State Fair of Texas
West Texas Fair (Abilene)
East Texas Fair (Tyler)
HOT Fair (Waco)

Preparatory Steps:

  • Save the date on your schedule  (August 9, 2016;  9 – 5 pm)
  • Review the website for each show/fair/event you want to enter.   Check rules, dates, etc.
  • Decide which classes you want to enter.
  • Ensure that your Quality Counts number is still active.

You may go online to  to verify.  You must certify as a Junior/Intermediate and again as  a Senior.    If you have not completed the Quality Counts educational training or if it has expired, you may access the above website for instructions on how to complete and certify before the entry day.   This must be completed in advance because you will need to have the verification number before you can enter livestock shows.

Assemble the paperwork that you will need to bring with you to the Fall Show Entry Day.

What to bring on Fall Show Entry Day:

  •  Social security number for each exhibitor
  •  Copy of registration papers for all breeding animals.
  •  Your Quality Counts Verification number.
  •  Printed copy of Release of Liability form for each show you plan to enter (from their website).
  •  Printed copy of the entry form for each show you plan to enter.  Please mark the specific classes you plan to enter.   This will serve as a worksheet which we will use to place the official entries.
  • Check or money order – payable to “ELEC”  (which stands for Equine-Livestock Education Committee)

We submit entries for YOUTH classes– NOT OPEN classes

If you plan to enter Creative Arts, Public Speaking, Foods/Cooking, Consumer Decision Making, Ag Mechanics, Shooting, etc., you must check the rule & premium books for each show to determine the rules for your desired contest.   If it states that you must enter through the CEA or through 4-H, you MUST contact the Extension office prior to August  9.  For questions regarding livestock show entry please contact Fred M. Hall at or call 817-884-1946.

2016-2017 4-H Enrollment

IT’S HERE!! Enrollment for the upcoming 2016-2017 4-H year will start on August 15th. Participation fees will remain the same for the upcoming year, $20.00 from August 15th to October 31st and then $25.00 from November 1st on.  Please be aware that if you enrolled before August 15th of 2016 that enrollment was for the previous year and you will need to re-enroll for the new 4-H year.  All members’ 4-H enrollment s will be de-activated for the current year and all will need to re-enroll for the new year if they plan on continuing in 4-H.

NEW RULE FOR MEMBERS WHO RESIDE OUTSIDE OF TARRANT COUNTY: Beginning with enrollments for the 2016-2017 year, all members who wish to have 4-H membership in a county other than their home residence will need to submit a “Membership Transfer Form” to the County Extension office where they reside.  The “Membership Transfer Form” posted below. (2016-2017 Texas 4-H Rules and Guidelines, page 3)

Some things to remember as you re-enroll for the 2016-2017 4-H year:

  •  If you are re-enrolling and already have an existing profile, DO NOT create a new profile.  UPDATE your existing profile with any changes to email, physical address or phone numbers.  An annual participant fee is due for each 4-H member when enrolling.  Please use either a debit or credit card for payment.  Also remember that 4-H Connect is not compatible with the Internet Explorer web browser so you will need to use Mozilla or another option. The 4-H check option is only for members whose club will be paying their enrollment fees.
  • If you have forgotten your email address or password DO NOT create another profile in 4-H Connect.  Call the office and we will send you a temporary password and inform you of the email address your profile is under.
  •  If you are 8 and in the third grade and enrolling in 4-H WAIT UNTIL September 1st to enroll.  It is tricky because the official first day of 4-H is not until September 1st but enrollment starts on August 15th. This means there are 15 days for our new (young) members where they may not be assessed a participation fee and 4-H Connect will classify them as a Clover Kid.

Please contact the 4-H office at 817-884-1291 or send an email to Nanci Swindle at if you have any questions regarding enrollment.

2016-2017 4-H RulesGuidelines

2016-2017 Membership Transfer Form

Fall Validation Tag orders

It’s time to order ear tags for the 2016-17 Texas 4-H/FFA Swine, Market Sheep & Goats, Breeding Sheep & Goats, Breeding Heifers, Wether Dams and Wether Does Validation Programs.   The deadline for ordering tags will be August 22, 2016, the price is $15 per tag.   Orders may be delivered to the Extension office or mailed in time to be received by August 22.  Orders with payment are due into the Tarrant County Extension office by 5 p.m., Monday, August 22, 2016; no fax, phone, text or email orders accepted.

All orders and payment must be in the office by the deadline or they will be considered late tag orders and require additional payment to be processed.  Please make checks or money orders out to ELEC.
Mail orders to:

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Tarrant County
Tarrant County Validation Committee
Attn: Fred M. Hall
PO Box 1540
Fort Worth, Texas 76101-1540

Late tag orders will be charged $30 per tag and must be authorized by a validation committee member. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or call 817-884-1946.

Fall validation order form 2016

4-H Public Speaking Course

We are very fortunate that Dr. Jeff Johnson, a Distinguished Toastmaster, has generously volunteered his time to teach the Toastmasters Youth Leadership/4-H Public Speaking course for more than 25 years.   He teaches the youth how to plan, deliver, and evaluate speeches.   His genuine interest in the children enables him to provide a balance of encouragement and instruction, resulting in a positive experience for the students.  Class size is limited to ten students in order to provide the best opportunities for the students.

The course series will meet at the Tarrant County Extension office (Tarrant Plaza Building) on Thursday evenings, September 8 October 27, 2016.     Classes begin promptly at 7 pm and conclude at 9 pm.

Attendance is highly important.    Families are encouraged to review their family commitments prior to registering for the Public Speaking series.

Please complete the information below and submit to:  and       .

You will receive a confirmation of receipt by email, after August 15.



I understand that the Fall 2016 4-H Public Speaking classes will be conducted at the Tarrant County Extension office, 7 – 9 pm, on Thursday evenings, September 8, 15, 22, 29 and October 6, 13, 20, and 27.

We understand that attendance is very important and we are available on the above dates.

Please enroll the following 4-H member:

Youth’s Name: ________________________________________  Age:  _______________

Is this your first time to participate?  _______________________________

If not, when did you participate?  _________________________________

Parent’s Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Family Email:  _____________________________   Phone:  _______________________

Email:  __________________________________  Phone:  ______________________

Support for Tarrant County 4-H

Looking for a way to support Tarrant County 4-H without taking money out of your pocket? Do you search the internet? Do you make online purchases? If so this opportunity may be just what you are looking for.. . Join, and every time you search the internet, a donation is made to the Tarrant County 4-H Youth Council and Adult Leaders Association.

It’s easy, doesn’t cost a thing, and turns every day actions into an easy way to raise funds for many of the events and activities that are sponsored by the Tarrant County 4-H Youth Council and the Tarrant County 4-H Adult Leaders, including the annual County Awards Banquet.

All you need to do is log on to and choose “Tarrant 4-H Council” as your      charity.  You can even make a profile so that you don’t have to select Tarrant 4-H Council each time and you can watch the funds grow!

A penny is donated every time you search with  It is easy, painless on your pocketbook, and benefits our Tarrant County 4-H youth.

There are even other ways to make money through for 4-H while shopping or dining.  Just go to their website to find out more.  Don’t waste any time.

Start helping our Tarrant 4-H youth while you search the Internet today!

  Livestock Project Registration

It is time to send in your livestock project sheets to the 4-H office. Livestock Project Sheets must be renewed each year just as your member enrollment form.  For new members the form is due when you enroll in 4-H and get a project.

The Livestock Project Sheet is due for renewing members on October 1, 2014.

Livestock Project Registration Form


 Quality Counts Verification

If the Quality Counts Verification you completed as a junior member has expired, you are required to take the Senior level verification.  This must be done prior to entry into any major fall, winter or spring livestock show.  Upon completing the verification process please email ag department to make them aware of your status.  You cannot enter you into any shows from this point forward without a senior level designation.

The Link for verifying is at

Please see the  document below that has the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Quality Counts.

Quality Counts Verification Frequently asked Questions

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