Success Stories

Below are success stories highlighting the different programs within the Tarrant County 4-H program.

Juvenile Justice CenterJuvenile Justice Success Story
by Terrance Hollins

4-H is seeing results from the youth that attend sessions of Character Counts. Mr Ron Lewis, youth director at Scott D. Moore Juvenile Justice Center of Tarrant County said “the program challenged the young men’s values and cause them to think very seriously about their character.”

Mr. Setrick Dickens leads a program for young men that are in juvenile detention for a second time. Mr. Dickens and the young men are encouraged and challenged by the program. Jose` one of the young men from Mr. Dickens program said ” by hearing the session on trustworthiness this caused him to think about changing his surrounding influences.” Mr. Setrick Dickens wants to continue to bring more sessions of character education to the Scott D. Moore Juvenile Justice Center of Tarrant County.

Texas AgriLife Extension feels very fortunate to teach the youth of Tarrant County character education.

Tarrant County Teens Learning Leadership Tarrant County Teens Learning Leadership
written by Hurley Miller
The Tarrant County Teens Learning Leadership is an eight-week leadership development course designed to help teens become forces for change in their communities. Teens Learning Leadership teaches youth communication skills, decision-making/problem-solving skills, working with diverse cultures, styles of leadership, goal-setting, team building, conflict resolution and most importantly community needs assessment. Evaluation from the Teen Learning Leadership program helps youth set goals, build their self concept and confidence, improve their problem solving and decision making skills and improve communication with others. Eleven youth participated in the 2000-2001 TLL class, and seven out of eleven evaluations were collected; in the majority of the evaluations completed, participants said that the TLL Class assisted them in these categories: self-concept and confidence, resolving and dealing with conflict, value and standards, concern and involvement in the community, problem solving and decision making, personal responsibility, getting along with other people, increasing leadership skills, team building and empowerment of others and communicating with others. All participants who completed the TLL evaluation rated the overall assessment of the program as excellent. The 2000-2001 TLL youth who participated in this course logged over 650 hours to community service.

tarrant county success storyUrban 4-H Development Success Stories
written by Hurley Miller
East Fort Worth 4-H has shown tremendous success in establishing itself as an urban club, it has completed its second year and began its third year with an substantial increase in growth of members and also participation in many different projects and events. Cornerstone Community Club is a recent club addition to the urban club development project. For more information on Cornerstone go to the Cornerstone success stories. Richland 4-H has completed its first full year in participating in county level events and incorporating urban projects in its club.

We continue to work in new areas to build partnerships and relationships with key community leaders to establish more urban 4-H Clubs in Tarrant County.

Cornerstone Community clubCornerstone Community Club Success Stories
Iris turned 8 in the middle of the school year and became involved in 4-H after the Snacking Healthy series was already over. Iris had no trouble jumping in and involving herself quite well. Iris adds a great diversity to the group and is quite a peacemaker. She did a 4-H mini-presentation over Fashion & Industry. Iris is in the top range of her class at school and she has shown her creativity and intelligence in a wonderful way. Iris has really shown to be a great find to 4-H and to our after school program in general. We are lucky to have her on our team. I am exited about Iris improving in her social skills as she continues participating in 4-H. She has made great progress.

Alex is one of our shyer ones. He was enthusiastic about getting the opportunity to do a 4-H mini-presentation about his dog. He was very determined in getting his material together and helping others with theirs as well. He is a hard worker and it showed as he produced wonderful visuals on his poster board. I have had the opportunity to see Alex come out of his shell, as he shared in front of all of the children about his subject, and in great detail, I might add! Alex has really grown this year, not only has he gotten over his fears of being in front of people and talking in front of a group, but he has gotten the oppotunity to interact and share common likes and interests with his peers. Alex has seized that opportunity well, as he has become quite a leader to the other children. He has shown to be very determined, intelligent and outgoing when involved in 4-H. The projects we do as a group has helped Alex flourish in school, at home with his family, and even socially with the other children in kids club. I am very proud of Alex and look forward to him using his leadership skill in future 4-Hprojects and in every other area of his life.

Carlos is one of our older ones…he can also be a bit hard to handle at times too. When we first started the Snacking Healthy project he showed a bit of attitude and seemed disinterested. By the end of the series he was my number one helper and seemed to be the most interested and enthused one about our class times. He was extremely enthusiastic about making snacks and telling others the healthy benefits of snacking healthy. I really feel the more Carlos began to open up about the projects the more interested in them he became. This was a tremendous boost to his confidence, and he had no problem being a good influence on the other children. I even allowed him to help teach a class over juicing carrots and the benefit that carrots and other vegatbles and friuts that we juice can have. Carlos has definately come out of his shell and been a good influence on the others. I am proud of Carlos and he is exited about being involved in as many 4-H projects available to him now and in the future.

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