Figure 5. Coyote and wolf take of the cooperative animal damage control program in 1960.

In 1970, 420 coyotes were taken from within the formerly coyote-free area, and the distribution of coyotes within the Edwards Plateau continued to expand (Caroline 1970) (Fig. 6). In 1972, the use of chemical toxicants for predator control such as strychnine and Compound 1080 (sodium monofluroacetate) were canceled by EPA. The use of Compound 1080 on the periphery of the major sheep and goat production areas was employed successfully to prevent the infiltration of coyotes into these regions. The protection of sheep and goats from predators has since been limited to more labor-intensive control tools, including traps, snares, shooting, calling, aerial hunting and M-44 devices utilizing sodium cyanide.