Additional Reading

The following is a partial list of booklets, bulletins, etc. pertaining to various aspects of coyote control and predator management in general.

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Livestock Guarding Dogs: Protecting Sheep from Predators. Agricultural Information Bulletin No.588, USDA.

Building an Electric Antipredator Fence. Extension Publication PNW 225, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho Cooperative Extension Services.

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L-1917, Controlling Coyotes with Snares. Texas Animal Damage Control Service.

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Coyotes in the Southwest: A Compendium of Our Knowledge. D.Rollins, Editor. Symposium proceedings. Texas Agricultural Extension Service, San Angelo.($10 per copy).

A Matter of Perspective (A 23-minute video that examines the controversy surrounding coyotes in Texas. Available for $20 per copy from TAEX, 7887 N. Hwy. 87, San Angelo.