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April 18, 2014 Weekly Round Up

This week I attended the 2014 Texas Water Conference in Dallas.  Amber Miller, an attorney from Lubbock, and I spoke to a large group of folks on an important Texas water issue:  Where do water wells drilled for use in the fracking process fit under the Texas exempt well statute.  I’ll have a blog post up explaining this issue and why it is important for Texans in the near future.  For those of you joining the blog from the Texas Water Conference, welcome! Here are a few of… Read More →

Don’t Wait to Plan Your Estate

*This article is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.* Back in December, I gave a presentation on estate planning at the Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show Commodity Symposium. The High Plains Journal recently wrote an article outlining the presentation and the advice that I provided to participants.  Importantly, I discussed the false premise that many people believe–if one spouse dies without a will, all assets are transferred to the surviving spouse–and explained the problems that could be caused by intestate distribution of assets.  Additionally, I… Read More →

December 6, 2013 Weekly Round Up

**This article is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.** This week I was able to speak at the Texas Commodity Symposium held in conjunction with the Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show.  It was a great symposium and I enjoyed the chance to visit with the attendees and hear the other speakers.  Hello to the new readers from the Farm and Ranch Show!  Here are a few ag law-related stories making news this week. *Federal Reserve Bank Report Suggests Water Market Approach.  The Federal Reserve Bank… Read More →

Questions from Tiffany’s Desk: If I Die Without a Will…

**This article is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.** Question:  I don’t need a will.  If I die without a will, don’t all of my assets just go to my spouse? Answer:  No!  Let me repeat myself because this is important.  No!  This is a common misconception that can lead to serious family problems down the road. If a person dies without a will, every state has statutes (called “intestate succession statutes”) that control the distribution of that person’s estate.  (Importantly, not all assets pass through an… Read More →

September 27, 2013 Weekly Round Up

**This article is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.** It has been a busy week for ag law-related stories in the news.  Here are recaps of some of the major stories this week. *  AQHA Files Appeal in Cloning Suit.  The American Quarter Horse Association filed its formal notice of appeal on Monday.  As you’ve previously read, this summer an Amarillo jury ruled against the AQHA, finding that its rules prohibit the registration of clones violate federal and state antitrust laws.  On August 22, Judge… Read More →