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Texas A&M Gardens and Greenway Project

White Creek and the surrounding riparian area is a natural landform asset of Texas A&M University and was designated the West Campus Greenway in 1998 by the Board of Regents. The “Gardens and Greenway” project will restore, preserve, and develop a portion of this West Campus Greenway into a public garden and greenway to conduct formal teaching, research, and extension/outreach activities.

The Gardens and Greenway project is the vision of Vice Chancellor and Dean Dr. Mark Hussey and encompasses approximately 45 acres north of Kimbrough Boulevard behind the Texas A&M AgriLife Complex. While the entire West Campus Greenway extends from the Horticultural/Forestry Sciences Building to the Bush Library property, the portion of the West Campus Greenway south of Kimbrough Boulevard is not currently included in the project.

Core Functions of the Gardens and Greenway project

Education, Research, and Demonstration

Dr. Doug Welsh

A veteran horticulturist and Texas A&M professor emeritus, Dr. Doug Welsh is the program coordinator for the Texas A&M Gardens and Greenway project. Contact him by email, or by phone (979.862.1697) for more information.

  • Educate college students, K-12 students, the university community, and the public in the natural sciences and arts – The Gardens and Greenway project serves as an outdoor classroom providing experiential learning for many academic disciplines.

Sustainable Natural Habitats and Built Environments

  • Restore and Preserve natural habitats for flora and fauna - The preservation of the natural creek habitat is critical to sustaining native flora and fauna–including nearly 50 bird species.
  • Create beauty through environmentally sustainable landscapes and gardens - Landscape beauty is valuable for quality-of-life on campus.

Recreation, Special Events, and Tourism

  • Rejuvenate, Recreate, and Entertain students and visitors - The A&M Gardens and Greenway provides a place for restful solitude, leisure, and passive recreation. This would also provide an outdoor entertainment venue for the performing arts, films, celebrations, and social events.

Agricultural Heritage and Culture

  • Illustrate and interpret the importance of Agriculture and Life Sciences - Students and visitors will encounter agriculture throughout the Gardens and Greenway; its historical significance to Texas and Texas A&M, as well as its value in today’s urban environment. This might also include opportunities to illustrate the importance of food security with education, demonstration, and events supporting urban farming, local foods, and farmers markets.


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