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Pros In Parks Video

Pros In Parks. Click the link to see a video presentation of photographs from the Pros in Parks program.

Turfgrass Ecology and Management Short Course–Register by January 10

The 7th Annual Turfgrass Ecology and Management Short Course will be held adjacent to the Texas A&M University Campus from January 24-28, 2011 . Over the past 6 years the Turf Short Course trained 251 turf & landscape professionals. This turfgrass management continuing education program is designed to provide basic and practical information to new professional turfgrass managers, as well as to provide experienced turf managers the opportunity to review and update their knowledge. The registration deadline is January 10, 2011. The website can be accessed through keywords… Read More →

Pesticide Collection Day in October

What’s in Your Pesticide Storage Facility? If your valuable storage space is even partially occupied by products that you no longer can use, mark your calendar now for the last week in September. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Texas AgriLife Extension are sponsoring a nearby pesticide collection day. October 14 8:00 am-1:00 pm Parker County Sheriff’s Posses Grounds 2251 Mineral Wells Highway Weatherford, TX 76088 Contact Jon Green, Parker County Extension Agent 817-598-6168 or for more information Why Should You Bother? Stored pesticides that are… Read More →

Vegetable Production Program in McKinney

On March 5th, 2010, the Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Collin County will conduct a Vegetable Production Program at Myers Park and Event Center in McKinney Texas.  The educational program will include the following topics and speakers: Basics of Commercial Vegetable Production – Steve Upson, Horticulturalist, Noble Foundation Pest Management for Vegetables – Allen Knutson, Ph.D., Professor and Extension Entomologist Vegetable Disease Management – Greg Church, Ph.D., County Extension Agent -Horticulture The program starts at 8:30 AM and ends with a lunch at 12:00 PM. Registration is $10…. Read More →

The 6th Annual Texas A&M “Turf Short Course” Set for February 1-5, 2010.

The 6th Annual Turfgrass Ecology & Management Short Course is a continuing education program designed for professionals caring for turfgrass in a broad range of management systems (sports turf, lawn care, golf, parks and municipal lawns/recreation areas and sod production). The “Turf Short Course” assists professionals in developing or updating their own science based turf management programs/strategy. The January 2009 course trained 38 participants. The five-day course will be held at Texas A&M University, in College Station. The fee for the course is $625 and includes: Turfgrasses: Their Management… Read More →

Fruit Table: How much water, pruning, and pest pressure?

FRUIT SOIL Ph MOISTURE PRUNING PEST PRESSURE Apple 5.0-6.5 Medium Medium High Apricot 6.0-7.0 Medium Medium High Blackberry 6.0-6.5 Medium Medium Low Sour Cherry 6.0-7.0 Low Low Low Fig 6.0-6.5 High Low Low Grape 5.5-6.5 Low High High Jujube 5.0-7.8 Low Low Low Peach 6.0-7.0 Medium High High Pear 6.0-6.5 Low Low Low Pecan 6.0-6.5 Medium Medium High Persimmon 6.0-6.5 Medium Medium Low Plum 6.0-6.5 Medium Medium High Raspberry 4.5-7.0 Medium Medium High Strawberry 5.5-6.5 High Low High Blueberry 4.0-5.0 High Low Low

Coontie Propagation and Production

The coontie, the only cycad native to North America, is an extremely cool plant, and even though it is a bit cool here in Tarrant County to grow it outside year round, it’s worthy of consideration for a low maintenance interior or indoor/outdoor plant. Here’s the article I wrote about Coontie for the International Plant Propagators’ Society last week and a photo showing it’s dioecious nature from my presentation. Coontie Propagation and Production Laura M. Miller Texas AgriLife Extension, Tarrant County, P.O. Box 1540, Fort Worth, TX 76101… Read More →

Small Acreage Horticultural Crops Seminar–Register Now

Ever thought of going in to business growing grapes, peaches, tomatoes, watermelons, pecans or other horticultural crops? The Texas AgriLife Extension Service Tarrant County Commercial Horticulture Committee invites you to participate in a free 2-part seminar series, focusing on these and other Small Acreage Horticultural Crops. Fruits, Pecans and Grapes November 18, 2009 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Vegetables & Greenhouse Crops April 13, 2010 10:00 am – 12:00 pm The goal of the program is to assist in identifying and evaluating diversification strategies and income opportunities from… Read More →

What Can I Do with all these Leaves?

Leaf Management in the Landscape Most of the year, it’s difficult and expensive to get enough organic matter. In the fall, organic matter falls from above on both the the just and the unjust. Many yards are virtually covered by leaves from deciduous trees. Disposing of these leaves can create a significant burden on landfills and municipal compost facilities. Leaves cause even more problems when then get into the storm drain system (often with a little help from a leaf blower) where they can cause serious problems if… Read More →

Three Hour Tour

Did you know that Fort Worth’s 76119 zip code is an epicenter of innovative alternative water harvesting systems? The fifteen participants in the Rainwater Harvesting Tour October 22, 2009 who visited the Resource Connection Community Garden, the City of Fort Worth Rolling Hills Tree Farm, and Whiz-Q Stone saw three different systems that all accomplish one goal: augmenting the supply of available irrigation water by capturing and storing water that would otherwise be nothing but runoff. The first system showed how air conditioning condensate can be harvested. Condensate… Read More →