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Aquatic Weed Control

  Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County Aquatic Weed Management Farm ponds offer land owners many things. Farm ponds offer a source of water for wildlife and livestock, family recreation, and for some a food source in the fish raised. As with any pest or weed problem, proper identification of the weed is essential to insure adequate control measures are being used. Aquatic weeds can be a huge problem in some farm ponds and add to your frustration of trying to catch… Read More →


Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County   What is a Weed?   The name “weed” has usually been associated with plants, both native and of foreign origin, that are not desirable.  From the agronomic standpoint, a weed is described as “a plant that can cause economic loss in a production unit.”  Many gardeners and home landscape managers view a weed as a “plant growing out of place.”  Still others view a weed as a “plant whose virtue has yet to be discovered.”… Read More →

Late Summer Lawn Weeds

(photo ) (photo–Chamberbitter-GC.jpg) Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County   Late Summer Lawn Weeds             As we are ending the summer months and heading into fall, many people are noticing weeds in their lawn and garden areas.  Chamberbitter, Viriginia Buttonweed, and grassbur are three weeds homeowners are starting to notice in their landscape. Chamberbitter (Phyllanthus urinaria) also known as Gripeweed, leaf flower or little mimosa, is a warm season, broadleaf, small tropical annual herb growing up to 2 feet tall. … Read More →

Thistle Control

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent—Ag/NR Smith County  Thistles and Fall Control              Texas is home to more than ten species of thistle.  Thistles are common in dry or moist soils throughout Texas.  They thrive in disturbed or overgrazed areas, in abandoned fields and along roadsides.  So what should I do to control thistles? Bull thistle, Canadian thistle, plumeless thistle, and musk thistles are some of the common thistles found in East Texas.  Most thistles are considered a biennial plant.  This means the plant germinates… Read More →

Mow or Spray Weeds?

News Column By: Chad Gulley County Extension Agent–Ag/NR Smith County   To Mow or to Spray To mow or to spray, that is the question?  People may be asking themselves this question on a regular basis when it comes to weed control.  What one product can I spray that will control all the weed species in my lawn or pasture?  Well the answer is it depends. A weed is in the eye of the beholder.  What I mean hear is what one person calls a weed others may… Read More →