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Texas Food Connection Week

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent—Ag/NR Smith County   Texas Food Connection Week Agriculture is life.  Agriculture touches all our lives daily.  From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the structures we use to provide shelter, agriculture is all around us.  Texas farmers and ranchers work daily to produce a source of good, wholesome food for all of us locally, nationally, and internationally. Texas is one of the nation’s top states in total Agriculture production.  Agriculture production in Texas exceeds $20 billion. … Read More →

Time to Soil Test

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County Have you taken a Soil Test? We all took tests in school but have you ever taken a soil test?  Now is a great time to be soil testing your gardens, lawns, pastures, and hay fields in preparation of spring planting and fertilization.  A soil test is the sure way to determine nutrients present or lacking in your specific soil type. There are a number of laboratories across Texas that can analyze your soil.  Most basic… Read More →

Small Acreage Webinar Series

2014 SAHC news_release A series of webinars for Small Acreage Horticulture.

Top 10 Reasons to Thank a Farmer

      Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County Thank a Farmer In America and living here in Texas, we have a lot to be thankful for.  We are all involved in Agriculture if we eat, wear clothes, and have a roof over our heads throughout most of our day.  While most of us are consumers of Agriculture, take time to thank a farmer because without their hard work, we would be without the necessities of life—food, fiber, and shelter. Texas is… Read More →

Fruit Trees

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County Fruit Trees   Right now it is pretty common to drive by feed stores or garden centers and see various fruit trees outside.  A fruit orchard may be desired for home use while some plant fruit trees to market their fruit crop.  Getting the fruit trees started off correctly is important to a successful venture. One of the first things when deciding on planting fruit trees is to make sure you have enough space to plant… Read More →