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Beef Cattle Production

Ag Biz News Column By:  Chad Gulley County Extension Agent—Ag/NR Smith County   Beef Cattle Production   Texas ranks first in the nation in total cattle numbers with over 14 million head.  Texas also has the broadest spectrum of producers and variation in production environments. The beef cattle industry is by far the largest sector in the Texas agriculture industry. Assets minus liabilities equal profit.  In the beef cattle industry, several methods can be used to reach a certain level of profitability.  One way is to increase revenues… Read More →

Emergency Preparedness for Farms and Ranches

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent—Ag/NR Smith County   Emergency Preparation for Farmers and Ranchers Disasters come in many forms.  Disasters can be caused from hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, accidents, terrorism, ice storms, and wildfires to name a few.   Texas is home to more than 247,000 farms and ranches where agriculture contributes to more than $100 million annually to the state’s economy.   Are you prepared for a disaster on your farm? All disaster plans on the farm or ranch should address three major types of potential… Read More →

Body Condition Scoring of Beef Cattle

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent—Ag/NR Smith County   Body Condition of Beef Cattle As we enter spring months, livestock will be transitioning from hay, supplementation, and winter forage to our perennial warm season forages like Bermudagrass or bahiagrass.  The percentage of body fat in our beef cattle at specific stages of production is important to determine overall reproductive performance as well as their overall productivity. Body condition of our cattle at various stages of production has a number of practical implications.   Body condition scores… Read More →

Calving Season

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent—Ag/NR Smith County   Calving Season There is no single date that is best for the start of calving season.  Farmers and ranchers must decide on which works best for their operation.   The start of calving season will dictate the start of your breeding season. Several factors should be considered when selecting a calving season for your herd.  These factors are the costs of production, animal performance, income, and profitability.  Fertility and nutrition both play important roles in this process. … Read More →

Bulls…A Key Component

  News Column By: Chad Gulley County Extension Agent–Ag/NR Smith County  The Bull, a Key Component As the herd rebuilding process continues from the 2011 drought, many producers this fall may begin shopping for a new herd bull.  The importance of the bull in a cattle breeding program is often underestimated. A cow is responsible for half the genetic material in only one calf each year, while the bull is responsible for half the genetic material in 20 to 50 calves. The bull’s ability to locate cows in… Read More →