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Smith County Ag News–June 2014

Smith County Ag News June 2014 A monthly e-newsletter for Smith County highlighting industry updates, CEU’s, upcoming programs, and more.

How big is your pond?

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County How big is your pond? Each spring, landowners with farm ponds begin managing their ponds for recreational fishing, livestock water and other uses. Water quality is important and having your water tested can help you decide what to do next. If you know how big your pond is that can be helpful in many farm pond management decisions. If we know the proper size of the pond, we can know how to apply lime or fertilizer… Read More →

New Texas Department of Agriculture Testing Procedures

TDA AGRICULTURAL APPLICATOR TESTING:  The Texas Department of Agriculture has contracted with PSI Services LLC to administer exams for all agricultural pesticide licensing. For information on the procedures each agricultural licensee (Private, Commercial, Noncommercial, and Political Subdivision Noncommercial) must follow to take their examination(s): PSI ConvenienceTesting Rollout TAES5-9-2014

Bermudagrass Lawns

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County Bermudagrass Lawns Bermudagrass is a popular turfgrass for lawns, golf courses, and athletic fields alike. Bermudagrass ranges from very fine to course leaf texture with a low, dense growth habit for the home lawn. The best defense in a home lawn against weed infestations is a dense, healthy grass species. Bermudagrass can be found in Australia, Africa, India, South America, and the southern United States. It grows in a number of soil types. The biggest negative… Read More →

Smith County Ag News–May 2014

Smith County Ag News May 2014 A Newsletter for May 2014 with industry updates, continuing education and other educational information.