Invitational Contests offered at the D-5 Fashion show

Invitational Contests offered at the D-5 Fashion show


Window WOWed

This was a new contest for the District beginning in 2011. The idea is for teams of up to five (5)

members of any age to design a window display using merchandizing and marketing techniques to

“market” fashion merchandise and products. Guidelines follow.

 Display area is 8 feet long, 8 feet high, and 30 inches wide. One 8 foot table will be provided.

Two 8 feet lattice panels may be available for use (depending on number of entries).

 Display can start from the table or from the floor.

 Creativity is encouraged but display should coordinate

with the theme. Teams must provide everything they

use in the display.

 4-H must be incorporated into the display.

 Participants will have an hour and 30 minutes to

complete the display.

 All teams will start and stop simultaneously.

 Theme: Be True to Who You Are (Don’t forget to incorporate 4-H in the theme)




Decorate a shoe and bring to the Showcase. Judging will

be based on creativity, originality and workmanship.

Decorations may be purchased or handmade. No entry to

exceed 24” X 24” X 24”.

> This is not a team event.

> Theme: Add some Clover to Your 4H Project Style!           (Don’t forget to incorporate 4-H in the theme)

Incorporate the best parts of your favorite project into your shoe decorations! Are you in a fashion project? Think rickrack and buttons! Are you in a nutrition project? Try food or cooking utensils. Sport fishing? Throw on some lures and fish tack! Photographer? Add some film or photos.

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