4-H Veterinary Science Club Seeks New Leaders and Members

Smith County Veterinary Science Club is hosting a recruitment meeting. At this meeting, they will be recruiting a leader or leaders to start a new year of the Vet Science curriculum. The current leader, Dr. Robin Fabre-Ellison will be coordinating the 2nd year curriculum starting in the fall but the club is in need of someone to coordinate the 1st year curriculum for any new 4-H Vet Science member. Also, the club is looking to see how many new members are interested in joining the program. This meeting will be held at the Smith County Extension in the Office Cotton Belt Building 1517 West Front Street Suite #116 Tyler, Texas on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.

The Veterinary Science Project is a 5 year curriculum based project with 100 lessons and 50 activities that give youth interested in veterinary medicine opportunities to work in the field. The project is career-oriented and job-training so students can determine if this is a field they would like to purse. Students who participate in this project will work with licensed veterinarians at their practice. By doing this hands-on-training, they learn the knowledge and skills that are expected of a veterinary assistant. This will also be valuable on a resume, and will help them prepare for a professional program degree from an accredited university. This project has a set curriculum that allows youth and adults to work together to achieve success. It also allows for youth develop an interest in veterinary medicine, human medicine and other allied health field.


For more information about the program, the informal event on June 12, or the Smith County 4-H Program, please contact Sarah Bolt, County Extension Agent 4-H and Youth Development, at 903-590-2980 or sarah.hindman@agnet.tamu.edu.

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