We are asking that all our Smith County 4-H members enroll on 4-H Connect, whether you plan to participate in contests or not.  This program takes the place of 4-H Plus which we used in office to keep records and generate reports.  Your assistance with our record keeping is greatly appreciated.  Below are directions for enrolling, or you can go to http://texas4-h.tamu.edu for a visual aid.



Before being able to enroll or register for an event, you must

establish both a family and a youth/adult profile. The family

profile allows for one family member to establish a profile and

then register an entire family easier, rather than requiring each 4-H

member, adult, parent, and volunteer having a separate profile.



• Go to the 4-H CONNECT website (link from http://texas4-h.

tamu.edu) and select the button called “I need to setup a


• Complete basic information (e-mail, last name, and password),

click the “Create Login” button..

• Fill in address, city, state, zip, and primary phone information.

This information will default into all youth and adult profiles.

• If you are a part of a 4-H military club/program, select the

check box. You will need be asked to select the military base

your 4-H program is associated with.

• The county selected on the first screen will be defaulted into

your family profile.

• If you wish to change your password from first established

you can do so at the bottom of the screen. Simply type your

current password, followed by your new password. It will as

for you to confirm your new password.

• Click continue to return to Family List Page.

• You will now see your new family profile page. It details your

family name, address, and city.

Your family information can be edited at any time, but clicking

the “Edit Family” link located to the right of your family


• To set up your profile, use the pull down member entitled

“Add A New Family Member”. Select either youth or adult,

based on if you are a member or a volunteer/parent.

• Once you have selected either youth or adult. Click the “Add

Member” button.




• Please complete all the information requested on the screen

(bold items are required). It is important that you use proper

capitalization throughout the process. DO NOT USE ALL


• Once all information is entered and complete, click the

“Continue” button.

• Continue with registration process through second screen.



You will have the opportunity to select the club, or clubs (up to

three) that you are a member of in your county 4-H program.

In the fi rst step, use the pull down menu and select the 4-H

club that is your primary 4-H club. If your club is not listed,

you will need to contact your County Extension Office. If you

are a member of another club (horse club, shooting sports, or

project club select that club if listed)


Youth and adults are asked to select up to fi ve (5) projects

which they participate in, or provided leadership in. In

addition to the name of the project please indicate the number

of years involved in/with the project. If starting a new project

this year, years in project would be “1”.

• Once your club and project information has been entered, click

the “Continue” button.


The “groups” tab allows 4-H members and adults to select

certain activities that they would like to be part of.

• If your county has any other activities, us the pull down menu

to see the options.

• When finished, click the continue button and you will be

returned back to the family profi le page. You will see the

youth or adult profile just added. 

After you add a profi le, an e-mail is sent to the County

Extension Office asking for approval of the enrollment. Once

approval is given the family will receive an e-mail and you

can now register for events. Event registration cannot

begin until each profile has been accepted and a membership

number assigned.

• The establishment of an adult profile is the same process, except

with different questions related to volunteer screening, alumni

affiliation, etc.

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