RSS What?

You have two options on getting information from this blog website.

Option 1: you could simply bookmark this site and come back to it periodically to see what is new.

Option 2:  instead of having to continually come back to this blog site to retrieve information, it can instead come to you through a relatively new technology called RSS, which is short for Real Simple Syndication.  You can read a more detailed description here:

In order to have the information streamed to your browser, you will need to use a RSS reader.  Once you have installed one of those readers, you can subscribe to any website or blog that provides a RSS feed.

If you will look in the side column of this blog you will notice a very small icon that looks like the one here and says, “Subscribe to this blog’s feed”.  You’ll simply click on that link once your reader is set up.  Then the reader will look for all of the information from this blog each time you open your reader.  It will show you the title and if that is of interest just click on it and it’ll bring you to the blog.  If nothing is of interest, carry on with life.  Pretty cool eh?

Here’s a very short page that further describes how to set this up.


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