Employment Opportunities


Would you like to work for Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences?

For AY 2015, The Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences is authorized to hire up to 20 full and/or part-time, non-tenure track faculty with the following titles:

  • Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (up to 13)
  • Clinical (Assistant, Associate, or Full) Professors (up to two)
  • Instructional (Assistant, Associate, or Full) Professors (up to two)
  • Visiting (Assistant, Associate, or Full) Professors (up to three)

All of these faculty positions require teaching undergraduate courses related to parks, recreation and tourism. Clinical-track professors may also supervise graduate students in professional practicum experiences. Instructional-track professors may also teach regular graduate courses and special topic seminars. All positions with “professor” titles will have to perform professional service duties in addition to teaching. All non-tenure-track position openings are subject to budgetary availability, student enrollment needs, programmatic needs, and turnover rates. To apply, please send your curriculum vitae to Dr. Gary Ellis (gellis@ag.tamu.edu) either via e-mail or to the address on our homepage. Please include a letter of interest describing areas of expertise, highest academic degree, teaching experience, and other relevant information.



Graduate-School.PhDs.org/education-index — is a comprehensive and informative resource that systematically sorts out the available undergraduate and graduate programs available today in the U.S.

The Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences hopes that you will find this to be a powerful resource for anyone pursuing to further their college education. Please take a look.


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