Change of Major

On Campus Transfers

The application below should be used only by current Texas A&M University at College Station students in good academic standing. Current students may apply to change their major to Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences (RPTS) or Community Development (CDEV) by completing the form below. Applications will be considered by a committee of academic advisors and faculty.

The following criteria are used to evaluate applications:

1)      Current grade point and total number of credit hours completed at Texas A&M University. The minimum grade point ratio (GPR) required for your application to be considered is 2.0 which represents a C average. You are not guaranteed admission to RPTS with a 2.0 GPR. Applicants for CDEV must have a minimum 2.5 GPR and a grade of at least B in English 104, Math 141 and any three hour Economics course.

2)      Essay that provides reviewers with information about why RPTS or CDEV would be a good choice for the applicant. For example, applicants must convey how past experiences may relate or how their interests align with this field of study.

3)      Coursework the applicant has completed in the RPTS department and the grade(s) in that course(s).

4)      Transfer credits and grades on transfer credits.

Students changing their major into RPTS or CDEV should be aware that space is limited and it may be difficult to enroll in some classes immediately. Our academic advisors will do their best to work with any new student to establish a course schedule that meets requirements. Most students who change majors will need to extend their time in college by one or more semesters.

You will NOT receive an application decision until after the application deadline date!

Students are encouraged to apply on-line.

Application Deadlines

Fall – July 10th
Spring – October 10th
Summer – March 10th

Undergraduate Change of Major Appeal Process

To appeal a denial of your application for a change of major to Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences or Community Development you may write an explanation for why you feel your application should be reconsidered. If circumstances have changed significantly or the application did not otherwise convey accurate and complete information a second decision by the committee may be warranted.

An appeal will require a written statement that conveys all details of the circumstances to be considered. If information is sensitive in nature an applicant may make an appointment with an academic advisor. Once the new information is received the Associate Department Head or the Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Programs will consider the information and determine if a full review is appropriate. If a full review is warranted the committee will convene, review the information and render a second decision.

A written statement addressing the details of the appeal should be submitted as soon as possible. The statement may be attached as a separate document or included in the body of an email sent to Ms. Melyssa-Anne Stricklin ( or delivered to Ms. Stricklin in the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, 2261 TAMU, 463 AGLS Building, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-2261.

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