Faculty & Staff

Department Faculty

Dr. John Crompton
Marketing & Financing Recreation, Park, and Tourism Services
AGLS Room 445
(979) 845-5320
Dr. Gary Ellis
Department Head
AGLS Room 418
(979) 845-7324
Mr. Ron Fox
Management of Experience Industry, Businesses and Agencies
AGLS Room 457
(979) 845-2261
Dr. Jim Gramann
Recreation behavior, race & ethnicity, protected area policy and management
AGLS Room 409Q
(979) 845-4920
Dr. Danielle A. Harris
Program evaluation, underrepresented populations, & relationships between land grant schools & surrounding communities
 AGLS Room 515
(979) 845-3712
Dr. Chris Harrist
Youth Development
AGLS Room 429
(979) 862 4615
Dr. Jinmoo Heo
Event planning and management
Leisure and aging
AGLS Room 460
Dr. Lou Hodges
Leisure history, computer, applications, operations & maintenance,administration
AGLS Room 409Z
(979) 845-5368
Dr. Louise Hose
Gulf Coast Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit National Park Service Liaison
AGLS Room 409S
(979) 845-9787
Dr. John S. Jacob
Professor and Extension Specialist
Coastal Community Development & Environmental Quality
Houston, TX
(281) 218-0565
Dr. Tazim Jamal
Tourism planning, heritage tourism, community & stakeholder collaborations
AGLS Room 409M
(979) 845-6454
Dr. Ronald Kaiser
Natural resource law and policy; Water resource management; Recreation, sport & tourism law; Risk management
AGLS Room 409K
(979) 845-5303
Dr. Brandy N. Kelly Pryor
Youth Development
AGLS Room 430
(979) 845-5983
Dr. Gerard Kyle
Human dimensions of natural resources
AGLS Room 437
(979) 862-3794
Ms. Kelly Kyle
Park, Recreation and Tourism Foundation knowledge. Distance Education Specialist
AGLS Room 462
(979) 845-2135
Dr. David Matarrita
Natural resource sociology, community development, international rural development, community-based tourism development
AGLS Room 452
(979) 845-8522
Dr. Alex McIntosh
Human nutrition & agricultural technology transfer
AGLS Room 444
(979) 845-8525
Dr. Lavell Merritt
Assistant Professor, TAMU & National Park Service. ProRanger Program San Antonio
AGLS Room 4049Y
(979) 845-9787
Mr. James E. Miculka
National Coordinator, Amtrak – National Park Service Partnership Program. Tourism, Interpretation and Education Studies, National Park Service
AGLS Room 409T
(979) 845-9787
Dr. Corliss Outley
Youth development, race and ethnicity, and urban parks
AGLS Room 427
(979) 845-5330
Dr. James Petrick
Associate Department head for Graduate Program. Tourism marketing, tourist behavior, pricing and value
AGLS Room 409O
(979) 845-8806
Mr. Miles Phillips
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Nature Tourism
AGLS Room 433
(979) 845-1023
Dr Leslie Reid
Professor Emeritus
Founding Department Head
AGLS Room 409 C
(979) 845-0149
Dr. David Ruesink
Professor Emeritus
AGLS Room 409E
(979) 845-0859
Dr. Michael A. Schuett
Outdoor recreation, wildland urban interface, visitor management
AGLS Room 453
(979) 845-0872
Dr. David Scott
Sociology of leisure, community parks and recreation
AGLS Room 440
(979) 845-5334
Mrs. Susan Scott
Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Program
Environmental education & interpretation
AGLS Room 434
(979) 845-5350
Mrs. Debe Shafer
Event Management
AGLS Room 459
(979) 845-1266
Dr. Scott Shafer
Associate Department Head
Environmental planning & design for outdoor recreation
AGLS Room 441
(979) 845-3837
Dr. Robert Stanton
Executive Professor
AGLS Room 459
Dr. Amanda Stronza
(Adjunct in Anthropology)Community-based conservation, ecotourism, sustainable development
AGLS Room 450
(979) 845-8931
Dr. John K. Thomas
Natural resources; rural sociology, & agricultural technology transfer
AGLS Room 441
(979) 458-3885
Dr. John Thornton
Coaching and Sport Management
Dr. Jamie Rae Walker
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist Urban and Municipal Parks
AGLS Room 432
Dr. Peter Witt
Professor Emeritus
Youth Development
AGLS Room 447
(979) 845-7325
Dr. Kyle M. Woosnam
Sustainable tourism development, impacts of tourism development on local communities, and research design and methodology
AGLS Room 454
(979) 845-9781



Biography Location Email
Mr. David Burdette
Senior Computer Support Specialist
AGLS Room 412
(979) 845-5340
Mrs. Debbie  Barnes
Assistant to the Department Head
AGLS Room 416
(979) 845-7324
Ms. Irina Shatruk
Program Coordinator
AGLS Room 465
(979) 845-5412
Mrs. Ann Alexander
Sr. Academic Advisor II
AGLS Room 468
(979) 845-0571
Ms. Melyssa-Anne Stricklin
Academic Advisor I
AGLS Room 463
(979) 458-8515
Joelle Soulard
Marketing Specialist
AGLS Front Desk
(979) 845-0446

Business Office

Mrs. Clara Aguilar
Business Associate I
AGLS Room 422
(979) 845-5771
Ms. Amanda Farias
Business Assistant III (Travel)
AGLS Room 424
(979) 458-5593
Mrs. Tina Vega
Business Coordinator II
AGLS Room 420
(979) 845-5377

Extension Office

Mr. Stephen Brueggerhoff
Extension Program Specialist I
AGLS Room 436
(979) 845-0869
Ms. Mary Carol Edwards
Wetland Program Assistant
Houston, TX
(281) 218-6340
Dr. John S. Jacob
Professor and Extension Specialist, Coastal Community Development & Environmental Quality
Houston, TX
(281) 218-0565
Ms. Christina LaChance
Program Coordinator
Houston, TX
(281) 218-0721
Ms. Rhonda Meyer
Administrative Coordinator
Houston, TX
(281) 218-0570
Mr. Steve Mikulencak
Program Coordinator
Houston, TX
(281) 218-6128
Mr. Miles Phillips
Associate Department Head for Extension
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist Nature Tourism
AGLS Room 433
(979) 845-1023
Ms. Marissa Sipocz
Extension Assistant
Houston, TX
(281) 218-6253
Dr. Jamie Rae Walker
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Urban and Municipal Parks
AGLS Room 432
(979) 862-8819
Ms. Charriss York
Extension Assistant
Houston, TX
(281) 218-6329

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