Steak Boxes

5 lb. Tenderloin box $15.49/lb. Variety Pack: $69.99 ea.
5 lb. Strip Box $9.69/lb. Strip Steaks 2 steaks
5 lb. Ribeye Box $10.89/lb. Top Blade Steaks 6 steaks
5 lb. High Quality Strip $10.69/lb. Cutlets 2 steaks
5 lb. High Quality Ribeye $12.99/lb. Ground Beef 8 pounds
Variety Steak Box: $49.99 ea. Pork Pan Sausage 2 pounds
Strip Steaks 2 steaks Chuck Roast 1 roast
Sirloin Steaks 2 steaks Pork Loin Chops 8 chops
T-Bone Steaks 2 steaks

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4 Responses to Steak Boxes

  1. mike mcmanus says:

    The University of South Carolina Gamecocks will be playing the Texas A&M Aggies in Football on October 31st. We will have a group of RVs arriving on Friday October 30th. We will be parking in lot 88 at the GSC for the weekend. SInce this is our first visit to College Station we are looking for ideas for local eating and tailgating. What options and packages do you offer during football season? Thanks for your assistance.

    • ray.riley says:

      We offer a variety of steak boxes as well as any of your grilling needs. We also have summer sausages and snacks that would be great during your time tailgating. On game days we are open until an hour before kick off and Friday until 6pm. We are located in Lot 74 on West Campus. Come by and give us a try when you get into town!

  2. John Newton says:

    I used to get 10lb boxes of fillets for around 130$
    do you sell those and how much now?

    • megan.carter says:

      We have our USDA Choice Aggie Tenderloins that are 4 – 6oz steaks for $59.95 for the box. We also have bacon wrapped high quality tenderloins for $18.49/lb.

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