November Specials


We are taking orders for your holiday Pre-Cooked Prime Ribs. Orders will be accepted through: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 21ST Orders will be available for pick up starting: TUESDAY NOVEMBER 25TH WE WILL BE CLOSED NOVEMBER 27 & 28 HAPPY THANKSGIVING & GIG’EM!  


"Ribeye Steaks with TAMU Logo"

Beef Steak Packs from Aggieland– USDA Choice Beef aged for 21 days prior to hand-cutting. Our steaks are vacuum packaged, quick frozen and shipped in an insulated cooler with cold packs. Our packaging will ensure your meat arrives in excellent condition.   AGGIE RIBEYE STEAK BOX ( 4- 12 oz. USDA choice steaks) $59.95 AGGIE TENDERLOIN STEAK BOX (4- 6 oz. USDA choice steaks) $59.95 AGGIE COMBINATION STEAK BOX (4- 12 oz. ribeye steaks and 4- 6 oz. tenderloin steaks) $119.95 *prices above do not include shipping container… Read More →



 Aggie honey available in store only. Maximum 6 jars per person per day. 16 oz jar $12.00 5.5 oz jar $7.00


"Ribeye Steaks with TAMU Logo"

Place your order today !  We are offering three steak packs. Aggie Ribeye Steaks- 4-12 oz. steaks- Cut from the Prime Rib Roast, this steak has the perfect balance of marbling. It’s tender, juicy and unbelievably flavorful. $79.95 + Shipping Aggie Tenderloin Steaks- 4-6 oz. steaks- Cut from the center of the most tender muscle of the beef carcass. The “Filet Mignon” is tender and has remarkable flavor and juiciness. $79.95 + Shipping  Combination Steaks- Contains both Aggie Ribeye Steaks (4-12 oz.) and Aggie Tenderloin Steaks (4-6 oz.) $139.95 + Shipping… Read More →

Arizona Diamondbacks use beef bone from Rosenthal

"Don Baylor bones bat"

Checkout this video of a Rosenthal beef bone used to “bone” the D’back’s bats.

Summer Sausage Footballs

"Football Shaped Summer Sausage"

We have been working hard this week to produce products for our many gift boxes.  One of the favorites is the Summer Sausage Football.  Come by our sales area, call, or order online today. Thanks and Gig’em!!

Pre-cooked Prime Rib Roasts

"Prime Rib Dinner"

The Rosenthal Center is offering a delicious way to celebrate.  The sumptuous flavor of our Pre-cooked Prime Rib Roasts will enhance your celebration.  Each whole, boneless ribeye is seasoned with our special blend of spices, hickory smoked, and slow roasted.  This beef roast has an impressive appearance and will be very satisfying to you and your guest.  An ideal selection for any occasion because it’s so easy to prepare, and boneless for trouble free carving. The Pre-cooked Prime Rib Roasts are cooked, chilled, and packaged for your pick-up. … Read More →