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August Specials

Come in today to get your August Specials!

July Specials

Grass Fed Now Available!

Call or come in today to get your Grass-Fed Beef!

June Specials

Come in today to get your June Specials!

May Specials

Come in today to get your May Specials! We also still have plenty of steaks to treat your special lady for Mother’s Day!

April Specials

We will be OPEN Saturday, April 9th, from 11am-4pm.  

March Specials

Order your Pre-Cooked Prime Rib Roast or your Cured & Smoked Ham for Easter now! We will be taking pre-orders through March 21st. Pick up will be March 24th through March 25th. We will be closing at 2:00pm March 25th and closed for Spring Break March 17-18.

February Specials

February Specials 2lb Ground Beef Box (approx. 40lbs) …. $2.99/lb 1lb Ground Beef Box (approx. 40lbs) …. $3.09/lb Ground Beef Patty Boxes …. $3.49/lb 1/2lb patties – 24 patties per box 1/4lb patties – 42 patties per box Come in or call today to get yours!

Heart Shaped Ribeyes

Call today to order your Heart Shaped Ribeye for Valentines Day! Shipping is available. One steak feeds two people. $12.99/lb. We also still have Football Shaped Summer Sausage available that would be the perfect centerpiece for your SuperBowl Party this weekend! Still on sale at 9.95 each. Smoked Beef Tenderloin $14.99/lb Beef Stick   $3.49/lb

2lb. Ground Beef $2.99/lb through Jan 29th.

This week, January 26-29th, we will be offering 2lb. Ground Beef chubs by the box (approx. 40 lb) at a discounted price of $2.99/lb. Come by the store to get yours today. We still have a selection of our January Specials: Smoked Beef Tenderloin $14.99/lb Beef Stick $3.49/lb Summer Sausage Footballs $9.95 each We also still have Aggie Honey! 5.5 oz Jar $7.00 16 oz Jar $12.00