Sides $3.29/lb. Beef for Fajitas $4.29/lb.
Hindquarter $3.49/lb. Marinated Tri Tip $6.29/lb.
Forequarter $2.49/lb. Aggieland Grillers $4.19/lb.
BEEF STEAKS Sirloin Flap $4.69/lb.
Ribeye $10.99/lb Flank Steak $4.99/lb.
T-Bone $7.99/lb. BEEF CUTS
Strip $9.79/lb. Ground Beef 2 lb. $3.59/lb
Top Blade $3.99/lb.           40 lb. box $3.39/lb.
Tenderloin $15.49/lb. Ground Beef 1 lb. $3.69/lb.
Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin $16.99/lb.           40 lb. box $3.49/lb.
Top Sirloin $4.99/lb. Ground Beef Patties $3.99/lb.
Round $3.39/lb.           10 lb. box $3.79/lb.
Skirt (Fajitas) $4.59/lb. Beef Backribs $1.89/lb.
Flank $5.09/lb. Beef Chuck Ribs $3.49/lb.
BEEF ROASTS Stew Meat $3.59/lb.
Chuck $2.99/lb. Chili Meat $3.69/lb.
Clod $3.29/lb. Ground Sirloin (10 lb. box) $4.49/lb.
Sirloin Tip $3.69/lb. Cutlets (cubed steak)  $3.79/lb.
Rump $3.69/lb.  BEEF VARIETY MEATS
Tenderloin $14.99/lb. Beef Heads $18.00 ea.
Brisket (trimmed) $3.49/lb. Oxtails $3.99/lb.

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23 Responses to Beef

  1. Just wish to say your article is as amazing. The clarity to your post is just cool and i could think you’re a professional on this subject. Well together with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to stay updated with forthcoming post. Thank you one million and please keep up the rewarding work.

  2. Jack Scott says:

    Please e-mail all promotional flyers as I am new to the area.

    Best Regards

  3. David Austin says:

    Please email me any specials y’all may have. Also, what would the briskets be rated as (select/choice etc)?

    • Mica Ham says:

      I would be happy to add you to our monthly email list. Our monthly specials are also on our website. We carry trimmed brisket–they will be graded between select and choice.

  4. Jerry sbarbaro says:

    Are your cows grass-fed and grass finished or grain finished?

  5. Mike says:

    What is the lean-to-fat ratio of your ground beef?

  6. amy says:

    Do I need to place a special order if I wish to purchase a side of beef? Can you please break down the cuts/amt. included with that please.

  7. Auntgranny says:

    Do you have any liver? Coming up for the ‘Bama game, and planning on making a stop to stock up on some things.

  8. Sharon Callies says:

    Mica Ham says:
    March 18, 2013 at 2:21 pm
    We carry grain-fed beef.

    This is the message I have read. I want to know if the meat is 100% grass fed with no additives.

    Thanks, Sharon Callies

    • Mica Ham says:

      We do not have any 100% grass-fed beef in stock. We only carry grass-fed, no additive beef once a year, usually in the summer. It is a VERY limited supply and we sell out very quickly–usually within 48 hours.

  9. Barbara Langston says:

    your site really helps for the prices but I really need the side of beef average poundage and what that beef side breaks down too. thank you

    • Mica Ham says:

      The average side is approximately 400 lbs.
      The choices are yours to make as far as what the side breaks down to.
      I will email you a copy of our beef side sheet.

  10. We are having an open house at my business in Buffalo, TX next Friday, March 7. We are needing 12 briskets. Is that something that you would have and if so are they frozen? The meat is local grain fed beef isn’t it? I know when you buy from the grocery store, it’s from some meat packer way off.

    • Mica Ham says:

      Yes we have brisket, the brisket is $2.99/lb. and comes frozen. Our beef is grain fed. Please give us a call if you would like to place your order. Please note it will take a few days to thaw the brisket. The store # is 979-845-5651

  11. Kenton Brechbuhler says:

    On the side how is it cut up. and what is the average weight.

    • Mica Ham says:

      The side is custom cut. You may make requests on packaging and thickness. The average hanging weight if 375-400 lbs. Your take home may be half of that. We do have 2 pre-cut sides available at this time. They are both graded USDA Choice at $3.79/lb. The weights are 376 and 379.5. Please give us a call for more details.

  12. Mike says:

    Do you sell femur bones? I want to try to make bone marrow butter.

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