Place your order today !  We are offering three steak packs.

Aggie Ribeye Steaks- 4-12 oz. steaks- Cut from the Prime Rib Roast, this steak has the perfect balance of marbling. It’s tender, juicy and unbelievably flavorful. $79.95 + Shipping

Aggie Tenderloin Steaks- 4-6 oz. steaks- Cut from the center of the most tender muscle of the beef carcass. The “Filet Mignon” is tender and has remarkable flavor and juiciness. $79.95 + Shipping

 Combination Steaks- Contains both Aggie Ribeye Steaks (4-12 oz.) and Aggie Tenderloin Steaks (4-6 oz.) $139.95 + Shipping

USDA Choice Beef aged for 21 days prior to hand-cutting. Our steaks are vacuumed packaged, quick frozen and shipped in an insulated cooler with cold packs. Our packaging will ensure your products arrive in excellent condition."Ribeye Steaks with TAMU Logo"

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