Texas Trail

The “Texas Trail” is an online self paced guided experience through Quality Assurance and Character Education with your livestock project.  The overall experience takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and can be stopped and restarted as many times as needed.  With a unique user log in each participant has their own personal experience.

More information:
The modules are set up in a linear arrangement so that the learner must first progress through the early stages in order to advance to more detailed and in-depth information.  At any time the learner can go back in the module, but they can only advance at the pace the information is presented.  Throughout the experience the learner is asked to solve problems and material is reviewed.  Through the game play, the learner has the opportunity to earn points and compare scores with their counterparts.

For the Instructor:
Texas Trail is also designed to enhance instructor delivery of Quality Counts.  With an instructor log in the module can be perused forward and backward at will, and any section can be played in support of class room instruction.  In the instructor mode, the game does not keep score nor does it log a completion at the end of the module.  If a student wants to get credit for completing the online module they must log in as a student and complete the entire module in a linear fashion.

Detailed Instructions for Enrolling in Texas Trails

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