How to Save a Scan Form That You Customized

Just added your own items to a scan form and would like to save it for later use? You can! By saving the scan form to a PDF file after you’ve customized it.

Required Pre-Step! A freeware utility, CutePDF, must be install first.

Instructions for downloading and installing CutePDF are here.

After CutePDF is installed
, follow these steps each time you want to save your customized scan form.

Step 1

Make your modifications to the scan form. Add your items using pull-downs (if available), type in your own items, and/or blank out portions of the form using the form’s toggles (if available).

Step 2

Print the file using your browser.

Step 3

Select CutePDF Writer as your printer. Click OK.

Step 4

You’ll be prompted to save the file. You have the option of changing the default folder and file name (circled in red).

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