Reading Results

Interpreting results of your program is another critical piece of Extension’s program development process.

This page is limited to helping you read and understand raw output you receive from Organizational Development via email or from a results database as only the beginning steps in “telling your story” (covered in a different area of this web site.)

Reading Raw Customer Satisfaction Results
If you submitted customer satisfaction scan forms to Organizational Development, you may receive both a 1-2 page summary as a Word document and a PDF file with detailed results of your program event generated with SPSS. These interpretation guides will help you with the latter (detailed SPSS output):

Reading Regional ANR Results

Output for all regional ANR forms can be interpreted using this guide.

Reading Food Safety Results

For help in interpreting your Food Safety results, go to this page.

Reading the Net Promoter Score

For help in interpreting your Net Promoter Score, go to this page.

Quadrant Charts for Program Improvement

Quadrant Analysis - Power ExampleA quadrant chart is a neat tool for program improvement. It’s used with customer satisfaction results as a way to undercover specific aspects of your event that are driving overall satisfaction with the program, and which aspects of the event should be improved as a way to increase overall satisfaction with the event. An interpretation guide is provide here.

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