Roadmap (Big Picture)

In theory, planning and conducting an evaluation is a process – represented as a neat set of sequential, logical steps. In reality, however, the process is not always neat. It is subject to an ever-changing set of environmental factors including resource constraints, differing levels of knowledge and competencies of the evaluator, changing clientele, project modifications, reporting deadlines, changing technology integration, limited and/or imperfect information, etc.

Given that reality, to conduct an evaluation within the current parameters of our agency’s state-mandated reporting requirements and integration of scanning technology, the two most practical questions to consider are:

  1. Do you want or need to include customer satisfaction?
  2. Do you want to take advantage of scan forms if one is available to meet your needs?

4 pathsAnswering these two questions first will drive much of the evaluation process. Two graphical representations of the evaluation process are linked below to help you see the big picture. They serve as a roadmap – providing an overview and showing options available to you for conducting an evaluation given with the aforementioned parameters in mind:

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