Evaluation Not Using Scan Forms

You may decide that a scannable form is not appropriate for your intended audience or program. Or perhaps you were unable to find a scan form that meets your needs. Whatever the reason, conducting evaluations not using scan forms is valid and appropriate in a lot of situations. In fact, for much of Extension’s existence, it was the only way to conduct evaluations.

Be aware that by not using scan forms, all parts of the evaluation are done by you. However, you have total freedom to design and implement the evaluation to best meet your needs, and Organization Development is here to advise and assist at every step of the process. Here are some of the suggested basic steps you need to perform (in sequential order):


Determine a Data Collection Strategy

From who are you collecting data?

  • All participants (census)
  • Representative sample

Decide whether you need to collect pre-program and post-program data from participants, or just post-program only data.

  • Traditional pre-post
  • Retrospective post
  • Post-only

Select an appropriate data collection tool which may include:

Survey Methods

  • In-person surveys using non-scan forms or audience response systems (clickers)
  • Mail surveys using non-scan forms
  • Phone surveys
  • Web surveys

Suggested Resources: Qualtrics for web surveys

Non-Survey Methods

  • Observation
  • Records review
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Case study

Develop Your Questionnaire (if applicable)

Developing a quality survey can be a formidable task. Make it as short and simple as possible while still collecting the information you need. Have multiple individuals take and review the survey for length, clarity, and ease-of-use.

Suggested Resource: Questionnaire Design – Asking Questions with a Purpose (Extension Publication E-227)

Once data are collected, enter your data in tabular fashion

Suggested Resources: EZAnalyze for data entry in Excel

Once Data are Entered, Tabulate and Analyze your Data Using an Analysis Tool


Suggested Resource: EZAnalyze using Excel, SAS or SPSS

Interpret Your Results

Having trouble getting started with writing a questionnaire? See some examples, plus other questionnaire design resources.

Tell Your Story

Communicate results of your program to your audiences and stakeholders. Learn more here.


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