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TWRI monitors progress of White Creek tributary restoration efforts

Photo of creek

On the sprawling Texas A&M University campus, a tributary of White Creek begins near the Horticulture/Forest Science Building and flows into White Creek just before the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. The land around this tributary is part of the recently established Gardens at Texas A&M and is home to native plants and wildlife, […]

AgriLife Research station at Sonora celebrated 100-year birthday in style

SONORA – Mild temperatures and azure blue skies over recently rain-kissed green pastures all came together April 23 to greet the almost 400 supporters of the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Station who helped celebrate the facilities’ 100-year anniversary. “It was a great day,” said Dr. John Walker, AgriLife Research resident director at San Angelo. “From […]

‘War of the plants’ being studied by AgriLife Research scientists


Two Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists are studying the virtual tug-of-war that takes place when a pathogen attacks a plant. In mid-battle, both aggressor, the pathogen, and the defending plant undergo dynamic changes to improve their chances of victory. Better understanding those changes could unlock new ways to improve plants by making them more disease-resistant, […]

NWCG meets at TFS to discuss future of wildland fire leadership

Some of the nation’s brightest and most accomplished leaders in wildland firefighting met this week at Texas A&M Forest Service headquarters to discuss the future of leadership development in the field. Attendees were all members of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group’s Leadership Subcommittee, representing all facets of wildland fire from fire departments to state and […]

Controlling Mosquitoes to Reduce the Spread of Zika Virus

aedes aegypti mosquito that carries zika virus

Controlling mosquitoes to reduce the spread of Zika virus would be easy if there was a perfect pesticide.  However, experience has shown that pesticides alone rarely produce complete or lasting control of pests, whether battling cockroaches in kitchens, or mosquitoes in marshes. This observation is the basis of a control strategy called “Integrated Mosquito Management” […]