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In the AgriFlex design theme, all images that appear on the slideshow should be click-able to either a WordPress page or post, internal to your website, providing more information about the image.  In addition, the image can be set to click to a webpage that is external from your website.

Limitations to the slideshow are:

  • Only 5 images are permitted on the home page’s slide show
  • To set the order of how images appear on the slide show, change the date and/or time in the All Pages table.  The latest image uploaded will appear as the first image in the slideshow (see below).

To change the order of images that appear on your slide show:

Go to either the All Pages, or All Posts, section on the left pane.  Scroll over any file name and click the Quick Edit link in the menu that appears.

Once Quick Edit expands, change the date – and/or time to correspond with the order you want that post’s or page’s image to appear on your slideshow.

Repeat as necessary to organize the images on your home page.

Changing the date and time on posts and pages


To set a page/post’s story to appear on the slideshow.

On the left pane, under Pages or Posts, choose Add New – or Edit, for an existing page or post.

Click on the Add Media icon next to Upload Insert (see image below), select files from computer, navigate to find the image and click on it, click the Open button.

Add Media

Add Alternate Text into text box .  Click the Use as featured image link, then click on the X in top right hand corner of window.(see image below)

Use as featured image

Purpose of Alternative Text:

As custodians of state websites, our websites MUST be ADA compliant.  AgriLife Communication’s design themes, and state-required links found in the website’s footer, satisfy most of the state and federal requirements.

We ask our local website custodians to add Alternative text to any image they upload to their website.

Why is this important? 

People who are vision impaired can still “read” webpages.  They use voice-activated software to read the webpage to them.  When this software comes across an image on the webpage that doesn’t have Alternative text added to the image, the software will vocalize the word “image”.  When descriptive text is added to the image in the Alternative text box, the software will read whatever has been included.

Please be cognizant about how much description is needed for images provided on your website.  Descriptive, concise words – or maybe a phrase – may be enough; sometimes a paragraph is necessary.  THINK about your audience and offer them as much information for these images to give a potential vision-impaired visitor a clear description of what is depicted in the image.

Note: when viewing your webpage, alternative text will not be visible to you – it’s in the back-end code for screen readers to read.

Once the image is uploaded to a page or post

A thumbnail of the image will appear on the bottom right side under Featured Image

To make this image appear on the Home Page Slideshow you must check the box that says feature this on the home page. (see below)

Publish the file.


Repeat same instructions at ” To set a page/post’s story to appear on the slideshow.” to add another image to slideshow


Now…be sure your home page is ready to display the featured images from your page or post:

Click on All Pages  (find your Home Page)

Scroll over Home Page, and click on Edit in the menu that appears below.

Change your template to be Home Slideshow in the Page Attributes area.


Page Attributes - Slide show template

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